Check out my Charlie and The Chocolate Factory book summary and Review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a children's book written in 1964 by British author Rold Dahl about Charlie Beach, the protagonist of the bizarre candy maker Willie Wang.

The Adventures of Chocolate Factory, owned by Willie Wanker. The book has been hailed as one of the most popular children's literature of the 21st century. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was first published in the United States in 1964 by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., and the third edition was published in the United Kingdom in 1967 by George Allen and Anwin.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory book

 The book has twice been turned into a movie, including 1971's Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory and 2005's Chocolate Award Dorman. Roald Dahl wrote a sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Glass Lift in 1972.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory book summary :

Eleven-year-old Charlie Bucket, his parents and four grandparents all live in poverty in a small house outside a town where there is a large chocolate factory. One day, Charlie's grandfather Joe tells him about Willie Wanka, the legendary and bizarre chocolate baker in town.

And other chocolatiers told Wanka about all the fantasy candy he made until he sent spies to steal his secret recipe, forcing Wanka to close the factory. . He reopened the factory three years later, but the gates were locked and no one was sure the factory was being supplied by its workforce.

The next day, the newspaper announced that Wanka was reopening the factory to the public and invited five lucky children to visit after they found five golden tickets at five Wanka bars. The first four gold tickets are available through the gluttony Augustus Glupp, the spoiled Veruca Salt, the chewing gum-addicted Violet Beauregard, and the television-addicted Mike TV.

After a fourth ticket was found, the family began to starve after Charlie's father lost his job at the toothpaste factory, and the only job he could find was snowing off the road during the severe winter. One day, on his way home from school, Charlie sees a piece of fifty pence (a dollar bill in the US version) buried in the snow.

He bought two Wanka bars and miraculously found the last golden ticket in the second. The ticket states that he can bring one or two family members with him, and Grandpa Joe agrees to go, although he has been bedridden for almost 20 years and suddenly regains his composure.

On the day of the visit, Wanka greets five children and their parents inside the factory, a wonderful country of confectionery that denies logic. They also meet Ompa-Lumpad who helps him run the factory. During the tour, the other four children move on to their emotions and the dark ridiculous way out of the tour.

After falling into the Chocolate River, Augustus sucks on the pipes in the fudge room, Violet three-course dinner gum is blown into a giant blueberry after chewing an experimental stick, Veruca and her parents are thrown in the trash when she tries to catch a nut-testing squirrel, who Mike shrugs off the shape of a chocolate bar after treating the salt as a "bad nut" and abusing the OneCavision device despite Wanker's warning, causing him to be "sent over the television". Ompa-Lumpara sings about child abuse every time there is a disaster.

With only Charlie left, Wanka congratulates him for "winning" the factory. Wanka explains that the whole tour was designed to help him secure a good man to be his business successor, and that Charlie is the only child whose inherent goodness allows him to pass the test.

They board the Great Glass elevator and watch the four other children leave the factory before heading to Charlie's house, where Wanka then invites Charlie's entire family to come with him to the factory.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory book Review :

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an amazing book, adapted into a movie by the famous children's author Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl has authored several books, including BFG, Matilda, and George's Marvelous Medicine - all of which have been reviewed by Little Stars.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, released in 2005, is a blockbuster film starring Johnny Depp as Willie Wanka and Freddie Haimore (main character) as Charlie Bucket. Many people have seen the movie, but what about the book?

Well, to begin with, the book is beautifully written and it is about a little boy named Charlie who lives a poor life and Willie Wanker can go to the chocolate factory and witness the materialistic nature of humanity.

This novel is about a young man named Charlie, who lives a poor life. He learns that there is a competition where one has to buy a Willie Wanka chocolate bar to get a golden ticket (there are only five of them worldwide).

Charlie finds a ticket to his chocolate bar and then wins a lifetime supply of his chocolate bars and is invited along with four others to the Willie Wanker chocolate factory. Wanka further announced that there will be a winner who will win a special prize at the end of the tour of the chocolate factory.

Each character's flaws lead to their temptation, and then Ompa Lumpus, with the exception of Charlie, snatches them away, whose willpower is stronger than any other character's. Ompa Lumpus sings after each character is taken in a ridiculous, mysterious and sometimes even painful way!

Augustus Glupp is tempted into a lake of chocolate but accidentally gets stuck, when Violet Beurgard (a stylish gum-chair) turns into a giant blueberry after being tempted to try a stick of Wanker gum. Verruca salt is then attacked by squirrels and thrown into a garbage can.

Eventually, the mic becomes compressed by the TV. Only Charlie survives, and so Wanka calls him the winner of the challenge and the factory's successor. He then invited Charlie's family to stay with him at the factory after sending the other four children home.

My favorite part of this amazing book is when the violet beavergard turns into a giant blueberry after trying the gum stick because that's not what you want to happen! It completely surprised me and I really had to laugh while reading the book.

I absolutely love this book because it teaches us not to be so materialistic and not to get stuck in our own lives. It allows imagination and creativity to flow in the form of its weird and fun adventures. It is beautifully written and shares a lot of ethics that you can learn.

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