Check out my Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo book summary and Review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Evelyn Hugo's Seven Husbands is a novel by American author Taylor Jenkins Reed. The original was published in 2017 by the Atria Grupo editorial, although in 2020 the editorial Umbriel published a translation into Spanish.

The novel tells the fictional story of Hollywood star Evelyn Hugo, who decided to give a final interview to Monique Grant, a 79-year-old unknown journalist. According to Reed, Evelyn Hugo's character is actress Elizabeth Taylor, who has been married eight times to seven different men, and Ava Gardner.

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo book

 Who revealed the secrets of his life to a journalist and they were published in Ava Gardner: The Da. Secret conversation. Reed also talks about how Rita Hayworth had a huge influence on Rita Evelyn Hugo's creation, as she had a lot in common with Hugo at the beginning of the novel.

The novel was nominated for the 2017 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Historical Fiction Novel in 2017. In 2019, Fox 21 Television Studios bought the rights to turn the novel into a television series. Jennifer Bills and Elaine Chaiken, who have worked on L, will produce the series. Reed will work on an audiovisual project as a screenwriter.

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo book summary :

Monique Grant, a reporter for Vivant Magazine, has been selected for an interview with Evelyn Hugo, a former star who is auctioning off some of her famous gowns to raise money for a breast cancer charity. Monique is confused about why Evelyn has chosen him, but goes to Evelyn's apartment to meet him.

Evelyn reveals that she is not interested in giving an interview for Vivant but instead wants Monique to write her life story, and Monique agrees, although she is skeptical.

Evelyn is 14 years old when she marries her first husband, Arnie Diaz, to get to Hollywood and escape her abusive father at Hales Kitchen. He was spotted by Harry Cameron, a young sunset studio producer, and the two became close friends.

 Evelyn seduces a Sunset executive to advance her career, and divorces Arnie when the studio sets her up with popular actors to promote her. She fell in love with actor Don Adler and married him, but in the following months, Don Evelyn began abusing her when her career was strained.

In an adaptation of Little Women, Evelyn, now 21, stars opposite Celia St. James. Evelyn is initially jealous of Celia's talent, but the two quickly form a bond. At a party, Evelyn is told that Celia is a lesbian. Evelyn confronts Celia privately and asks if it's true and the two kiss.

Evelyn discovers that Don is cheating on her, but she first divorces him and destroys his career. To revive her popularity, Evelyn went to Paris and starred in a Resi film by French director Max Girard. Rumors about Evelyn and Celia's relationship have started to spread, so Evelyn devises a plan to confuse the press.

He flirted with singer Mick River and fled, then annulled the marriage the next day. The plan works, but Evelyn is pregnant. She gets an abortion, but Celia gets angry and leaves him. For five years they did not speak.

After starring in an adaptation of Anna Karenina, Evelyn marries her co-star, Rex North, for publicity. They've been married for a few years, but after Rex conceives his girlfriend, Evelyn spins a story about her and Harry Cameron's relationship. In fact, Harry is secretly dating quarterback John Braverman, who is married to Celia.

Evelyn and Celia reunite. Evelyn marries Harry, and they live close to Celia and John, posing as two heterosexual couples. Several years later, Harry suggests that he and Evelyn have a child, and Evelyn agrees. With Celia's blessing they have a daughter named Connor.

In her late 30's, Evelyn starred in another Max Girard movie, where she agreed to a sex scene. He later realized that he should have taken Celia's permission. Celia leaves Evelyn again. John Braverman died of a heart attack and Harry started drinking excessively.

Evelyn agrees to marry Max Girard, but quickly discovers that she doesn't really love him as a person, but that he became a sexual symbol. He had been married to Celia for six years before reuniting with her. Celia has emphysema and will live less than ten years.

 Evelyn sees Harry and a dead passenger in a car accident outside her home. Evelyn's boyfriend takes the passenger to the driver's seat to save Evelyn from being convicted of drunk driving. Harry died at the hospital.

Evelyn, Celia and Connor move to Spain, with Celia's brother Robert, whom Evelyn marries as a front so that she can inherit Celia's property if she dies. Celia died when she was 61, and Robert a few years later. Evelyn explains to Monique that Connor has died of breast cancer, which Evelyn has also been diagnosed with.

 Evelyn reveals that Monique's father, James Grant, was a passenger in Harry's car. By removing Harry from the scene, Evelyn lets Moni and her mother believe that James died while driving drunk. Monique gets angry and leaves, but realizes that Evelyn has told her all this because she wants to end her life. He considers calling the authorities, but decides that if he wants to die, it should be Evelyn's choice.

He realizes that he will one day forgive Evelyn. Evelyn's death is reported as an accidental overdose, and Monique plays a role in her biography Vivant, eventually revealing that the true love of Evelyn's life was none other than her husband, but Celia St. James.

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo book Review :

After years of hiding, a mega Hollywood movie star is finally ready to face the light again without exception. She wants to tell her story to unknown magazine reporter Monique Grant (and only Monique Grant). Taylor Jenkins Reed's book "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" tells the story of Monique Grant, an unknown journalist who was asked to write her biography by one of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Confusion arises when Monique wonders why Evelyn Hugo is pushing her so hard to write her story. As it turns out, the two have more in common than he imagined. When Monique Grant first heard from her magazine editor that Evelyn Hugo had asked her to write a story about her impending charity auction, she wondered why she had chosen him, or how she knew who she was.

As it turns out, Evelyn wanted more from Monique than just a short story: she wanted to write a story for the rest of her life. As the story unfolded, it became clear why Evelyn had made this decision.

Evelyn Hugo is notorious for her many husbands (the exact seven). Each of her seven husbands is mentioned in a section of the book. Evelyn finally shares with Monique what happened after years of rumors and public confusion with each of her suitors.

The book not only tells the story of Evelyn and her seven husbands, but also details Monique's process of writing a biography. Much of the turmoil in the story takes place between Monique and Evelyn in the present day. The unique friendship between one of Hollywood's biggest stars and a big-small reporter is mysteriously revealed throughout the novel. The story is full of twists and turns, sure to keep even the most cheerful readers at the edge of their seats.

Published in 2017, the book is unique because it can be considered as multi-genre, incorporating elements of romantic and historical fiction.

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