Check out my The Push book summary and Review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Push is the first novel by American author Sapphire. Thirteen years after its release in 1996, the novel became the 2009 film Value, which won numerous accolades, including two Academy Awards.


The Push book

The Push book summary :

Claireece Precious Jones is an obese, illiterate 16-year-old girl who lives in Harlem with her abusive mother, Mary. Precious a few months pregnant with her second child, her father raped her; He is also the father of his first child (who has Down syndrome).

When her school discovers the pregnancy, it is decided that she should be admitted to an alternative school. Valuable angry, but the counselor later went to her house and persuaded her to enter an alternative school located at Hotel Theresa, which is called Ech One Teach One, an alternative to higher education.

Despite her mother's insistence, she appealed for welfare and was admitted to a valuable school. He met his teacher, Mrs. Blue Rain, and fellow students Ronda, Jermaine, Rita, Joe Ann, and Consuelo. The girls all come from troubled backgrounds. Mrs. Raine's class is a pre-GED class for young women who are below eighth-grade level in reading and writing and therefore unprepared for high school-level courses.

They start by learning the basics of phonology and vocabulary building. Despite their academic shortcomings, Mrs. Raine instilled in her students a passion for literature and writing. He believes that the only way to learn to write is to write every day. Every girl needs to keep a journal. Mrs. Raine read their entry and gave feedback and advice.

Towards the end of the novel, the women created a collection of autobiographical stories called "Life Stories - Our Class Book" attached to the book. The works of classic African-American writers such as Audrey Lord, Alice Walker and Langston Hughes are inspiring for students. Precious especially the color is moved by purple.

While giving birth to son Abdul Jamal Louis Jones at the hospital, Valuable told a social worker that her first child was living with her grandmother. As a result of the confession, the precious 'mother' took away her well-being. When the precious Abdul returns home, his angry mother chases him out of the house.

Homeless and alone, he first spends a night in the arsenal, then returns to Mrs. Ren, who uses all her resources to take Valuable to a half-house with childcare. Her new environment gives her stability and support to continue her schooling.

Narrative prose, said to be from Valuable Voice, continues to improve in grammar and spelling, and even pierces with imagery and analogy. Has received valuable poetry, and has finally been awarded the Mayor's Office Literacy Award for outstanding progress. Achievement boosts his spirit.

When her attitude changes and her self-confidence increases, Value thinks of having a boyfriend and having a real relationship with someone close to her age that attracts her interest. Her only sexual experience so far has been rape and sexual abuse by her mother and father. When she tries to overcome her painful childhood and distances herself from her parents, her mother announces that her father has died of AIDS.

Tests confirm that HIV is positive, but her children are not. Encourages her classmate Rita Precius to join a support group, as well as an HIV-positive group. Meetings provide a source of support and friendship for Value, as well as revealing that her color and socio-economic background were not a factor in her abuse.

Women of all ages and backgrounds attended the meeting. The book ends without mentioning any specific fate for valuation; The author leaves his future uncertain.

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