Check out my The War That Saved my Life book summary and Review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The War That Saved My Life is a historical novel written by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. The War That Saved Me 2016 Newbury Honor Book and the first Kimberly Bradley Book of Honor.

The War That Saved my Life book

The War That Saved my Life book summary :

Ada Smith is a ten year old girl who never left her apartment in London. Her physically abusive, widowed mother is too embarrassed to let her out because of her clubfoot, although she claims Ada is mentally disabled.

As a regular punishment, Ada is kept in a damp cabinet under the sink where cockroaches live. He is used as a servant, cooks and takes care of his six year old brother Jamie and his mother. She's quite defensive to him.

In September 1939, the British government began fleeing children in urban areas of England during World War II, sending them to the countryside. Adar's mother refuses to send Ada, saying that no one will want to take care of her.

Meanwhile, Ada spends all summer teaching herself how to walk and decides to leave with Jamie without her mother knowing. They were taken by train to Kent to escape the effects of the war.

Susan Smith, an unrelated woman living in a coastal village in Kent, is forced to take Ada and Jamie despite her distaste for caring for children. Away from her mother, Ada is allowed to roam freely by Susan despite her clubfoot and befriends Susan and other villagers. She learns to read, write, ride a horse and is introduced to many terms and concepts by Susan that she has never experienced before.

Susan overcame her reluctance to take care of the kids, read to them, make their clothes, take crutches for Adar, and let Jamie keep a cat of her intense dislike. Ada helps British troops cross the English Channel from Dunkirk and identifies an enemy spy who is then captured.

Susan discovers that Ada may undergo an operation to correct her clubfoot, but this requires money and permission from Ada's mother. A few months after not responding to Susan's letter regarding the Adar operation, Adar's mother arrives in the village. She alleges that the government is forcing her to spend money on her children and is sharply critical of Susan and Ada's "fun" behavior.

Ada is able to stay with Susan, but to continue caring for her brother, she decides to return to London with her mother, who believes the capital will not be bombed anytime soon. The Smiths move to a new place - albeit a little better - flat, and the adder crutches snatch away his mother. He believes his mother never wanted to have the first child and only took Ada and Jamie back for the low cost: the suspicion was confirmed by their mother.

One day, he left for work, and just before the bomb damaged the flat, Ada and Jamie fled to an air raid shelter. Susan arrives and Smith finds the children, brings them back to the village, only a bomb has destroyed her home.

Adar's horse and Jamie's cat survived; Ada decides that instead of being picked up in London by Susan, she later pays off her debt to Susan to stay home and save her life from being killed by her mother.

The War That Saved my Life book Review :

As a kid, I used to be a reader. Selectively that I have avoided any and all works of fiction with study that could be considered conceptually “disappointing”. From Bridge to Terebithia? I don't have any, please. Blue Dolphin Island? Pass Jacob What do I love? Not in this lifetime.

The Lord only knows that I was labeled "disappointed" before reading any book. I think I went by the cover alone. Books depicting children staring at the vast emptiness of the universe have not been of much use to me. I happily went through this episode and was finally able to get back to the books I missed to better see what I missed.

Still, that 10 year old self is always with me and I conference with him when I read new releases. So when I read The War That Saved My Life I had to explain to her that, despite the premise, cover (again the kids are staring at zero), and the duration is that it does not extend the darkness the sadness it may appear. Extremely satisfying and fun to read, Bradley took on a work of historical fiction and laid the groundwork for kicking WWII abandoners in the pants.

Ada was ten years old and as far as she could tell she was never out. Never felt the sun on his face. Never seen grass. His mother, who was born with curved legs, considered him disgusting and a personal shame. So when Ada had the opportunity to move out of town during World War II with her younger brother Jamie and her classmates, she jumped at the chance.

After fleeing to the English countryside, the two are framed by a woman named Susan who declares herself "not good" from the start. Under his care the siblings grew up and changed. Ada discovers Susan's pony and decides to ride it. And as the war progresses and things take a horrible shape, he sees that the most dangerous thing is not the bomb or the war itself. Hope it. And it got its number.

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