Check out my A Dance With Dragons book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. A Dance with Dragons is the fifth in a series of seven planned novels by American author George RR Martin's epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.

After several years of delay, it was finally published in English on July 12, 2011 123 and in Spanish on June 22, 2012. Confirmed by its editor, Anne Groell.6, the title of the book comes from "Dance of the Dragons", a civil war that took place in Westeros about 170 years before the action began.

 The contestants were King Egan II and his sister Rainair, and the battle was so named because both sides raised the banner of the Royal House, a three-headed dragon galloping on a black field. The novel eventually gave rise to much speculation as to whether it would include the long-awaited invasion of Westers by the army of Daneris Targaryen, the last descendant of the family to be deposed about fifteen years before the first book in the series.

A Dance With Dragons

 However, in Comic Con 2006, George R.R. Martin said the title doesn't necessarily have to be mentioned. A Dance with Dragons was originally the title of the second novel in the series, when Martin planned to make a trilogy.

Some older versions of Game of Thrones show A Dance with Dragon as the second installment in the series. It was also the original planned title of the fourth novel. The Legends anthology, which features the novel "The Errant Knight" from the same universe, lists it as the third part of the series.

 A Dance With Dragons book summary :

A Dance with Dragons begins where A Storm of Swords goes and parallels A Feast for Crows. The battle of the five kings seems to be coming to an end. In the north, King Stanislas took up residence on the Barathian wall and vowed to win the allegiance of the northerners to continue the fight for the Iron Throne, although this is complicated by the fact that much of the west coast is occupied by the sons.

Iron and Rouge Bolton have been made lords and lords of the north, while his son Ramsay Snow has been put in charge of Winterfell. It captivates Theon Grazoy, who, after a long period of torture, loses his mind, believing himself to be stinking, the stinking slave of Rams who helped him plunder Winterfell. Theon is able to escape from Winterfell, where a man rider poses like a bird and reunites with his sister Asha, as Stanis's troops are captured waiting to enter Winterfell in the snow of a large storm.

Walle, including John Snow, Samuel Turley, knows that conflict with others is approaching and begins to prepare Knights Watch for moments of conflict. Remembering his oath to protect the kingdom and the men, John gifted the wildlife from across the wall to restore the lands of the Knights Watch and fortify it with new men, much to the chagrin of many of his followers.

 John, was warned by Melissandre, who was stabbed by those who opposed the entry of wild animals and helped Stanis in Winterfell against the Bolton. Meanwhile, across the wall, Bran Stark arrives at a cave protected by ancient magic and is helped to improve his techniques as a warg or skinchanger. Her friends are still with her, but Jogan is getting weaker day by day.

Tyrion Lannister was taken by ship to the Free City of Pentos, across the narrow sea. During his voyage he will meet people who will make a turning point in the war: Lord Cunnington, loyal to the Targaryen house and fled by sea after the Battle of Userpar After winning the Throne was placed at the feet of Robert Barathion.

 By one mistake, Tyrion is captured by Jorah Mormont, who wants to return to Deneris as a gift with him. In their efforts they were captured as slaves and sold to a powerful lord. After a timely opportunity to escape, they enlisted mercenaries waiting to attack the Marines.

At Bravos, Arya Stark continues her training, getting better and passing more difficult tests as an accolade in the House of Black and White. In the Far East, Daneris Targaryen decided to stay in Mirin to improve his skills as a ruler before moving to Westerros, and ruled. His dragons are already big enough to climb, they are very wild and difficult to control.

 The dragon escapes and his location is unknown. The other two were chained to a ditch so they could not continue looting the city. She, after a long decision, marries a man from the city to make peace and try to control Harpy's sons, the traitors and murderers of his kingdom. After the wedding, in celebration of Marin's sand, the dragon breaks the moat and returns, carrying Deneris on his back, who is imprisoned in a remote place with the dragon. Khal Jakor Khalassar was found there.

The existence of Deneris is already known to many in the Wests, and envoys from the Iron Islands and Dorn are sent to find him and use his cause for their own benefit. From the Iron Islands, Uran ‘Cro’s Eye’ Grey, the king elected by Pike assembly, sends his brother Victorian after him, and Dorn’s heir Arian Martel’s brother Dorn’s Quentin Martel arrives the day before to propose to him.

 Her marriage, being rejected. It will try to free the captive dragons, burning to death. Eventually, the Golden Company arrives in Westeros with Lord Connington and Egan Targaryen, beginning their entry into the Westerosi battle with the Griffins Nest.

Dorne, after a failed attempt to marry Aryan's Miresela and crown his queen, will have to return him to the Red Cape of Kings Landing with Nymeria Arena, with the intention of bringing a Danish spy to court. Tyne is also sent to landing, but as Septa, with instructions to move to the new High Septon.

Meanwhile, prisoner Cersi Lannister has to admit the betrayal of his crown and is forced to walk naked through the Kings Landing from Baylor Sept to Red Kip. Seeing that he had lost his influence and power, he had to keep his uncle Kevan Lannister as Lord Regent of the State.

In conclusion, Varis reappears, killing Master Paisel and Kevan Lannister to destabilize the Iron Throne. The eunuch was in favor of the returning Prince Egan, who had helped him escape after the battle of Userpar.

Jaime Lannister, who is still a long way from Kings Landing, manages to establish peace between several lords who claim to know nothing about black fish, but escapes. Jaime reunites with Tarth with Brian and goes with him to save Sansa, who was probably in the hands of Sander Klegen.

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