Check out my A Legacy of Spies book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. A Legacy of Spies is a 2017 spy novel by British author John Le Carey. He reconsidered and described his 1963 best-selling plot, The Spy Who Came From the Cold, from a different perspective.

He also mentions the incidents of queen, king, ace, spy. The main character is now retired British Secret Agent Peter Guillaume.

A Legacy of Spies

His longtime supervisor George Smiley also has a presence. Like the original version, Peter Torberg's German translation was published in 2017.

A Legacy of Spies book summary :

Peter Guillaume, a British secret agent, retired from a remote farm in Britain when he received a letter from London instructing him to report to the Secret Intelligence Service headquarters. It is no longer in the Cambridge Circus, which gave it the nickname ‘Circus’ in Guillaume’s day, but is now in a modern structure in the Thames.

Services Legal Consultant, A. Butterfield, nicknamed "Bani" and a historian by the first name, asks Laura Guillaume about past operations for which the circus files have disappeared. The question soon focuses on two operations in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the height of the Cold War, which Guillaume hates to think again: "Mayflower" and "Windfall".

"Mayflower" was the code name for the former German doctor Carl Remake, who proposed himself as a spy for the British Secret Service to prevent GDR. He contacted Tulip, the wife of a State Department official and Doris Gamp, an assistant in the State Security Ministry, who had been abused by both men.

Guillaume was hired as Tulip's acquaintance, and he fell in love with his source and made a major mistake for secret agents. When the "tulip" threatened to be unveiled, the British expelled him from East Germany, at least because he believed that his son Gustav, who was left behind, would follow in Guillaume's protest.

It was a love night in Prague that was unforgettable for both parties. Doris was hanged in a British Secret Service camp, where the defector was extensively interrogated. In the guise of suicide, his death was actually the work of Hans-Dieter Mund, an East German spy.

Mund was the focal point of the next operation Windfall. Presumably back after his arrest, he later acted as a dual agent for the British and was unable to provide them with any significant information. Nonetheless, the circus's main controller launches a campaign to strengthen Munde's position against his internal stasis rival Joseph Fidler. With the wrong order to assassinate Mundat, he sent British agent Alec Liamus to the GDR to dispel suspicions about Mundat's allegiance to the GDR.

Limas was killed along with his girlfriend Liz Gold at the hands of border guards at the Berlin Wall. His death was a serious personal injury to Smiley and Guillaume and weakened their secret division among British spies, called the ‘Bills Boys’, compared to Bill Hayden’s male rival Joint Department. Hayden later became the sesame that carried the circus's activities to the Soviet Union year after year.

Well, long after the retirement of Guillaume and Smiley, it's the children of the deceased, Christoph Liamus, Karen Gould and Gustav Quinz, who are suing British detectives. He is happy to remove responsibility for the personal misconduct of Peter Guillaume, who as a Romeo agent persuaded Doris Gamp to do something that he could not reconcile with his conscience and that betrayed his friend Liamus and sent him to her. Death in GDR.

It was only when Guillaume hired a lawyer named Tabitha of his own that he realized that the only way he could defend himself was to reveal all the documents he had hidden for Smiley about the failed operation. He manages to find George Smiley, who now lives in Freiburg im Bracegau. This released Guillaume for the document.

And he defends himself against Guillaume's unspoken allegations, claiming that he has done all his work not in the name of world peace, capitalism or Christianity, not even for England, but always for Europe, for which he has seen a new era of optimism. Long after these events, Guillaume is again living his quiet life in Brittany, although he is still waiting for a letter from England.

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