Check out my A Study in Scarlet book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. "A Study in Scarlet" (A Study in Scarlet) is a feature-length novel by Arthur Conan Doyle. The first work in the Sherlock Holmes series, written in 18 and published in 18 the following year.

A Study in Scarlet
It depicts the encounter between Holmes and Watson and the subsequent murder. It consists of two parts: the first part, "Reprinting of Dr. John H. Watson's Memoirs, a Doctor of Medicine and Ex-Army Physician" and the second part (untitled), which refers to the history of crime. 

A Study in Scarlet book summary :

Part 1

The first part begins with Watson's memoirs:

Dr. John H. Watson, a British Army surgeon, traveled to the battlefields of Afghanistan, but suffered a serious injury to his left shoulder (in later work, the part changed to a leg, which is one of Holmes' mysteries. Series) and returned to England. After spending some time doing nothing, a man who was an assistant introduced him to a strange man named Sherlock Holmes and began a communal life at 221B Baker Street.

Despite his first encounter with Watson, Watson's wounded return from Afghanistan and Holmes' powers of observation and reasoning, which tells the story of a stranger, amazes Watson (Ivanami hears the Bunco version of "Adventure"). "Greetings from Holmes - for those who have read Holmes's story for the first time -").

Shortly after starting a communal life, Holmes received a letter from Scotland Yard detective Gregson stating that a murder had taken place and that Holmes had taken Watson to the scene. It was an empty house, but the patrol police were surprised that the house was illuminated, and when he went inside, he saw a corpse.

Detectives Gregson and Lestred appear to be in trouble. The man killed was a well-dressed middle-aged man with a business card, Enoch Drever, and a letter written in blood on the wall, RACHE (Rache: Revenge in German). The woman's wedding ring fell off.

Holmes made a thorough on-site inspection, speculated that the victim had been poisoned, and interviewed the police officer of the first discoverer's personality and characteristics, and continued the investigation one by one.

The newspaper is trying to lure the criminal with the ring. As expected, the ring recipient arrived, but she did not guess Holmes, an older woman, a red-faced big man. Moreover, the old woman Holmes had followed was nicely wrapped up.

Gregson, on the other hand, is proud to have finally caught the culprit. He captured a naval officer, Dreber, the son of the house's concubine, who was riding with his secretary, Stangasun. The day before the incident, there was an incident where Dreber tried to force the girl out of the house when he removed it and her brother,

He was beaten by a naval officer. Gregson tells Holmes that it was a crime, but the next Leicester tells him that his secretary, Stangasun, was found dead at his hotel.

Holmes calls Suzy in the car after all the preparations are done. In front of Watson, Gregson and Leicester, Holmes quickly handcuffed the incoming coachman and screamed with shining eyes. "You guys! Let me introduce you to Jefferson Hope, the killer of Enoch Dreber and Joseph Stangasun!"

Part 2

Turning back to the second part, we talk about the deep connection of the past behind this incident:

Inland deserts of North America. John Ferria and the orphan Lucy are dying, lost, food and water, and followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, led by Brigham Young. Preserved by Mormon pioneers. They built Salt Lake City (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and John Feria worked hard in the suburbs and eventually became one of the richest men in the region.

He also adopted Lucy and raised her as a real daughter. As Lucy grew up, she became an incomparable and beautiful girl. One day, Lucy, who was riding, was attracted by the honesty and strength of Jefferson Hope, a young traveler, when the horse began to gallop.

Asha also liked him. Her father John has admitted to their marriage. However, as Hope temporarily leaves town, Mormonist leader Brigham Young instructs Lucy to marry a young dreamer, or Stangasun (polygamist). If the leader disobeys, there is no life. John decides to flee the city and remembers Hope. Hope arrives at a house surrounded by guards crawling in the middle of the night.

 John and Lucy were able to escape from the house under his direction. At Hope's direction, he who has a sense of land will cross the undiscovered wilderness. Asha, who was relieved to have come so far, left the camp to catch the animal for food. Drewer and Stangasun chase after the chase, killing John and snatching Lucy. Asha returns to the unmanned camp and finds the poor grave of the man built by Sadhana to see what is happening.

 Stangasun killed John, but Lucy eventually married Dreber. However, he fell ill due to an unwanted marriage and died a few days later. Hope jumps out of the funeral procession organized by the women pulling out the wedding ring from Lucy's finger, when the men don't notice that one of their wives has died.

Since then, Dreber and Stangasun have relentlessly targeted Hope. To escape Hope's chase, they left Salt Lake City and traveled from the United States to Europe. But Hope also chased them in a superhuman obsession. Years have passed and they are coming to London. Going there, he finally reached the murder case.

The driver is taken out of the boarding house and a Suzy car is picked up. This is the car that Hope wore to coach the two. The key to an empty house was in the form of a key when the owner entered to inspect the house. Dreber, a drunkard, went through a bar and got drunk. Hope, thinking the time was right, opens the empty room and brings Dreber into a conflict of poison. He handed over his vengeance to God.

The method is to prepare poisonous pills and non-toxic pills, swallowing simultaneously and dying in case of poisoning. And hope has won. Very excited, Asha's nose was bleeding. The letters of the parable were written in that blood and the wedding ring was discarded at that time.

Hope used a ladder to enter the inn where Stangasun was staying. He also challenged Stangasun with a poisonous drug, but he suddenly attacked her and was forced to stab her. Hope, who was arrested, was tied up and taken to Scotland Yard, where he told Holmes, Watson and detectives what had happened.

Hope, who was forced to have an aneurysm due to a long pursuit, fell ill and died in prison without waiting for charges. Watson admires Holmes 'eyes when he sees Hope as a criminal, but when he sees that Gregson and Lestrad are acknowledging his accomplishments but saying nothing to him, he decides to record Holmes' activities and expose them to the world. (This is the only ideal story. Which ends with Watson's line).

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