Check out my After We Collided book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. After We Colloid is a 2020 American romantic drama film directed by Roger Kumble and written by Anna Todd and Mario Cella. It is based on Todd's 2014 novel of the same name and is a sequel to After (2019).

The film stars Josephine Langford and hero Fiennes Tiffin in supporting roles, including Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, Dylan Spruce, Shane Paul McGhee, Candice King, Khadija Red Thunder, Inana Sarkis, Samuel Larsen and Selma Blair.
After We Collided
Wee Colloid was released on September 2, 2020 for negative reviews in selected European countries, before it was released simultaneously in theater and video-on-demand in the United States on October 23, 2020, by Open Road Films.

The film's next sequel, After We Fell, was another sequel to After Ever Happy in post-production in September 2021. A prequel and another sequel are being made.

After We Collided book summary :

A month after the incident was described, Hardin became desperate and tried in every possible way to reconnect with Tessa, who had already begun working as an intern at the prestigious Vance Publishing House, where she met one of her colleagues, Trevor, with whom she immediately became confident. Founded and later, he befriended Kimberly, Christian Vance's partner.

That evening, Tessa joins a van company disco party with Trevor, Kimberly, and Christian, and during the festivities, she gets drunk and calls Hardin, who panics and rushes to find her. Trevor helps Tessa and ends the two in a hotel room and the girl accidentally stains Trevor's shirt with wine, forced to change into the bathroom where he surprises Hardin, who becomes jealous believing there is something between the two. Tessa manages to calm him down and the two spend the night together.

After waking up, Tessa regrets her actions and is furious with Hardin for what she had done to him in the past because she couldn't forgive him for throwing him badly and the boy, nevertheless, admits that he slept with Molly, lying to her. .. Tessa is determined not to want to know anything more about Hardin but at the same time she can't forget him, still suffering from the end of their relationship.

He returned to the old apartment where Hardin lived and found the gift that Hardin had given him on his birthday: a Kindle to read his book. When Tessa is inspired by her memories with the boy, the next one enters the house with a woman named Hardin's mother, Trish, who came from London on Christmas holidays. Hardin tells Tessa to pretend to be his girlfriend so as not to hurt her mother, and Tessa, although suspicious, agrees and the three spend the evening together.

At night, Tessa and Hardin try to reconcile and eventually spend the night together, becoming a real couple again. The next morning, Tessa goes back to her mother for Christmas but, through her ex-boyfriend Noah, she discovers that her father is back in town; She wanted to see him again, but her mother interrupted her.

Tessa, angry at her mother, returns to Hardin with the decision to stay with her permanently. Tessa, Hardin and Trish are invited to a Christmas luncheon at Hardin's father Kane's house, and during the reception a very heated argument ensues between father and son, where Hardin attacks his father for not considering him a member.

Family, such as Landon (his stepbrother) and Kane's new wife. Trish, frustrated by her son's behavior, returns to London to annoy her son for his temper, risking losing Tessa forever. The two young men continue their relationship where Hardin wants to prove to Tessa that he wants to be a good boy for her: they skate together, do yoga and try again to rebuild a healthy and strong relationship.

The situation is further complicated when Tessa gets an important job offer in Seattle with Trevor and is very uncertain about choosing; Meanwhile, the girl goes to a fraternity New Year's party with Hardin, reunites with their old friends, where Tessa reunites with Molly.

A violent fight ensues between the girls, where Tessa wins. The two boys later fall in love again in a room, but after midnight Tessa sees Hardin talking to a girl and misrepresents their words: sure that Hardin cheated on her, Tessa kisses another boy and two after a violent argument.

They broke up for the second time. Tessa, frustrated but still remorseful for her reaction, is looking for Hardin by all means; When she calls him, trying to pick up the phone, he is in a car accident. Fortunately, she remains unharmed, but when she is admitted to the hospital, Trevor talks to Hardin and invites her to listen again, letting her know that she is in love with Tessa.
Hardin left a farewell letter to Tessar and went to London to see his mother. Tessa suffers from a lack of Hardin, and so does Hardin. Trish encourages her son to fight for his choice, urging him to return to America to win Tessa. During a reception at Vance's house, Christian asks Kimberly to marry him and reveals to Trevor Tessar that he pushed Hardin to leave.

Just then, Tessa sees Hardin rehearsing on the balcony; After an initial moment of confusion, the two clear up and come back together. Tessa and Hardin decide to end their relationship and the girl goes with him to get a tattoo on his back as a sign of their love. Shortly after leaving the store, a homeless man approaches Tessa and Hardin, fearing he might attack her, and throws her against the wall. However, Tessa changes her expression as soon as she recognizes the man who became her father.

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