Check out my Anthem Ayn Rand book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. "Anthem" (original title: Anthem) is Ayn Rand's dystopian novella ("Anthem" is an English word meaning hymn). Written in 1937 and published in England in 1938. It is set in an indefinite future era. 

Anthem Ayn Rand

 There, humanity again in the Dark Ages, technological progress is controlled, and the concept of the individual is eliminated.

Anthem Ayn Rand book summary :

The protagonist of this story, Equality 7-2521, writes about his life up to that point depending on the candlelight of an underground tunnel. He calls himself "us" and writes "stars" when referring to another. He does not use single persons like "I", "he", and "he".

<Equality 7-2521>, like other children, they are separated from their parents at birth and grow up in a group life "ear" (at home). Eventually, she realizes that she learns faster and asks more questions than other children because she is naturally “cursed”.

As a boy he excelled in "Science of Things" and dreamed of becoming a "scholar" in the future. But the Council of Vocations, which determines everyone's lifelong occupation, has given him the responsibility of the "street sweeper" profession. He took on the job of “purifying the city” as compensation for his own sins. In other words, as compensation for “violating the choice” in the hope of secretly becoming a “scholar”.

<Equality 7 No. 2521> <Unity 5 No. 3992> (Union 5-3992) and <International 4 No. 8818> (International 4-8818). Worked in a team. <International 4 No. 8818> <Equality 7 No. 2521> had only one friend (a special choice for a particular person was also the "sin of choosing something more") .. One day they found the entrance to an abandoned tunnel in a certain clean place.

<International 4 No. 8818> has stopped searching without the permission of the "Council", but <Equality 7 No. 2521> has entered the tunnel and there is a railway. I saw that it had been pulled. <Equality 7-2521> realized that this tunnel is a remnant of the "Unmentionable Times" of the distant past.

After that, <Equality 7 No. 2521> Secretly escaped from the theater and while watching the theater conducted a scientific experiment in a secret tunnel that all "Machisei Mebito" was forced to do every night. He stole the paper and kept a diary. Two years after the discovery of the secret tunnel, he was 21 years old.

While clearing the streets on the outskirts of the city, a 17-year-old "farmer" (farmer) woman working in the field, <Equality 7-2521> <Freedom 5-3>. See erty > (Liberty) 5-3000). He always thought of <Independence No. 5300>. It was a crime for a man over the age of 20 to think of a particular woman without waiting for a woman to be scheduled for the "mating time" in the spring.

Brown eyes and golden hair <Independence No. 5300> have been named as <Equality 7 No. 2521> as <Golden One>. She talks to him and finds out that he was thinking about her too. Later, when he told her the name he was given, it appears that he also gave her the name <The Unconquered>.

In the process of continuous scientific experimentation, <Equality 7-2521> rediscovers electricity. He found a glass box with copper wire in the rubble of a tunnel. When the power goes out, the box emits light. He decided to report this inquiry to the World Scholars Council.

He thought that if he reported a discovery that contributed so much to mankind, he would be able to reduce the weight of his sin and he would have to change from a "city cleaner" to a "scholar." However, one night he forgot to check the hourglass and was late returning to the theater from the underground tunnel, revealing that he was not at the theater.

He was flogged and held in a correctional detention palace. The night before the "Scholarship and World Council" was held, he easily escaped from the "revised Confinement Palace". No one was hired at the "Orthodontic Confinement Palace" because no one ever tried to escape. The next day, he attended the "Academic and World Council" and announced his results.

<Equality 7-2521>, who conducted unauthorized research during the "Machisei Mebito", said that "scholarly scholars" should be sworn in and punished. They argue that such discoveries could and should disrupt the plans of the World Council and the Candle Department. <Equality 7 No. 2521> Grabs the glass box used for the announcement and escapes to "Uncharted Forest" away from "City".

<Parity 7-2521> thinks he is now a cursed man who has left his companions, but enjoyed freedom. No one is chasing him in the forest. He just <Freedom No. 5300> ("Golden Man").

On the second day of his stay in the "unknown forest", <Freedom No. 5300>, he was chased by the one who chased him. They live together in the forest. They try to express their love for each other, but they can't find a word to express their personal love.

<Equality 7-2521> and <Freedom 5300> find a house built on the hill in the "Age of Revelation" and decide to live there. While reading several books in the home library, <Equality 7-2521> discovered the words "I" (I) and <Freedom 5300>. After rediscovering the concept of the person, they refer to the book and give themselves a new name.

<Equality 7 No. 2521> calls himself "Prometheus", and <Freedom 5 No. 300000> calls himself "Gaia". "Prometheus" tells the history of mankind and wonders how mankind abandoned his personality. He spoke of the future where they would get their personalities back.

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