Check out my Crooked Kingdom book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Crooked Kingdom is a fantasy novel by American author Le Bardugo, published in 2016 by Henry Holt & Co. Set in a world loosely inspired by 19th-century Europe, it takes place a few days after the events of the first book in the duo, Six of the Cruise.

The plot is told from the point of view of the third person of the eight characters. Set in Six of Crow and Crooked Kingdom Grisvers. Crow's reappearance in Rule of Wolves (2021).

Crooked Kingdom
 Scars is part of the king of duo where Nina Jenik is a major perspective character. Leigh Bardugo has discussed the possibility of writing a third book in the series, but has not confirmed it.

Crooked Kingdom book summary :

The book begins in a gambling parlor called Club Cumulus, where Jasper and Nina keep Jan Van Van's lawyer, Cornelius Smith, busy while searching for work and Violin Van Ak's property documents in his office. Job then plans to kidnap Alice, Van's pregnant young wife, and do business with Inez, who is holding her captive.

 Meanwhile, Jasper's father, Pen, came to town, claiming he owed a bank to Jasper and repaid his loan. When Jasper and Villain go to meet Pen, they attack but are able to escape. Job tells Jasper's father to give him three days to get the money and tells him to wait at a hotel in town.

Subsequently, the crew's abduction is successful and they trade in Van's wife for Inez. However, during the trade, three superhuman forces attacked Nina, Jasper, and other Greeks in the vicinity. After Nina shoots one of them in the eye, they manage to escape and the villain sets the other on fire.

 The crew met in their dormitory, and the work revealed that he had bought shares in the sugar company and planned to destroy the chemical silo van One's sugar silo, which pushed up the price of sugar. Nina and Inez persuade Kam to smuggle the rest of the city into Greece using a van.

While working and trying to steal their necessary seals from the violin van single house, Nina and Inez break into the sugar silos. However, all of them were attacked and it was revealed that Pekka had allied with Rollins Van One. Pekka also attacks the secret dormitory that Job was using to hide, where Jasper and Matthias were guarding him.

They all fled and met at the hotel where Kolam was staying. Nina shows the team her strange and terrifying new ability to control the corpse; He, Violan and Cuei speculate that this may be the result of his survival from Jorda Perem. They also learned that the van deputed all the gangs in a single barrel, leaving some of their allies; Anika and Kig but there is no way to escape. The work combines another plan and announces an auction for the well deal.

Fezerdans, Ravkans, The Shoe and The Gemini have bid for Kuo at auction. The work disguises Grisha from the embassy as the Council of Tides. They claim the auction was biased because Van single-shoe financed the delegation. The Merchant Council believes that the van unit deceived them. The money was actually sent to the crows by deceiving the merchant council.

Van Eck was arrested and his reputation was tarnished. They manage the well's death trap and smuggle him out of town with the Ravkans where he will try to find an antidote to Jorda Perem. While on the job, Matthias was shot by a young druscale and later died. Kajaz forces Pekka to believe that her son was buried alive.

Pekka then left the city in search of his son. When the van leaves alone, the villain inherits his family property. Jasper stays with Wylan and helps him run the business but agrees that he will train with a fabricator to develop his skills as Grisha.

In the last chapter, Work finds Inez's parents with the help of Stormhound and brings them to Ketterdam. He is threatened by the tidal council. Inez threatened to expel Pekka from her business in her first step against those active in the slave trade in Ketterdam.

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