Check out my Darkly Dreaming Dexter book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Darkly Dreaming is a 2004 novel by Dexter Jeff Linds, the first in a crime horror series about forensic analyst / serial killer Dexter Morgan.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

It formed the basis of the showtime television series Dexter and won the 2005 Dillis Award and the 2007 Book to TV Award.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter book summary :

Dexter Morgan works as a forensic blood spatter analyst for the Miami-Dade Police Department. In his spare time, he is a vigilante serial killer who notices murderers, rapists, child molesters and other unwanted people he believes the legal system has failed to stop.

Dexter's murder is driven by an inner voice he refers to as "The Dark Passenger", which regularly persuades Dexter to meet his homicide demands. When done, the voice calms down for a while, but always, finally comes back.

Flashbacks reveal that Dexter's foster father, a respected police detective named Harry Morgan, initially admitted that he was a violent psychopath who had an innate need, and taught him how to kill fugitives who had committed heinous crimes.

His homicide points in a “positive” direction. Harry taught the boy to be a cautious and subtle killer, not to drop any clues and to make sure his victims were guilty before killing. Dexter calls these rules "Harry's code."

Dexter succeeds in managing his dual life until he investigates "Tamiami Slasher," who murdered three prostitutes. Her adopted sister, Deborah, who is also in the force herself and wants to be promoted to murder and knowing that her brother has horrible “assumptions” asks her to help solve the case. Because of his moral code, Dexter helps Deborah.

 Yet, because of the same kind of desire, he feels a compelling pull towards the killer. After a bright dream, Dexter drives around Miami and sees a refrigerated truck. When he follows the truck, the killer throws a severed head at his car.

The killer begins to send messages to Dexter, who finds the crimes interesting. Dexter is torn between helping Deborah and allowing the killer to continue his game. Meanwhile, because of his strange dream, Dexter wants to kill someone, so he follows someone whom he suspects of raping and killing five teenage girls and kills her after confirming his guilt.

Tamiami Slaser kidnaps Deborah and brings Dexter to the scene, revealing that her sister has been placed in the same shipping container where Dexter's biological mother, Laura, was kept. The killer is Dexter's biological brother, Brian, who separated from Dexter and murdered their mother at the hands of a drug dealer.

 As Deborah's vicious colleague, Migdia Laguerta arrives at the scene, Brian is disappointed that Dexter refuses to kill Deborah. Dexter allows Brian to kill Laguerta and helps him escape from a sense of family loyalty. In conclusion, Dexter stood at LaGuerta's funeral and felt sorry, but could not weep for himself.

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