Check out my Dombey and Son book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Dumbe and Son is a novel by English author Charles Dickens. It follows the fate of the owner of a shipping firm who is desperate for a son to follow in his footsteps; He initially rejects his daughter's love and eventually reunites with her before his death.

Dombey and Son

The story has many Dickensian themes, such as arranged marriages, child abuse, infidelity, cheating, and relationships between people from different British social classes. The novel was first published monthly between 1846 and 1848, with illustrations by Hubble Night Knight Brown ("Phiz").

Dombey and Son book summary :

The story concerns Paul Dombe, a wealthy owner of the book's shipping company, whose dream is to give birth to a son to run his business. The book begins when his son is born and Dumb's wife dies shortly after giving birth. Following the advice of Mrs. Louisa Chick, her sister, Dumbe, hired a wet nurse named Mrs. Richards (Toddle).

Dumby already has a six-year-old daughter, Florence, but he constantly neglects her because he is not her favorite boy. One day, Mrs. Richards, Florence and her maid Susan Nipper secretly visit Mrs. Richard's house in Stags Garden so that Mrs. Richards can see her children.

During this trip, Florence separates from them and is briefly abducted by Good Mrs. Brown before returning to the streets. He goes to Dombe and his son's office in the city, and there Mr. Walter Gay, an employee of Mr. Dombe, finds him and brings him home, who first introduces him to his uncle, navigation instrument maker Solomon Giles, at his shop The Wooden Midshipman. .

The baby is named Paul after his father, a frail and sick child who does not socialize normally with others; Adults call him "old." He is intensely fond of his sister Florence, who is deliberately neglected by her father as a perceived irrelevant delusion.

Paul is sent to Brighton Beach for his health, where he and Florence live with the ancient and acidic Mrs. Pipchin. There his health began to improve, and Mr. Dumbe placed him in Brighton, where he was educated at the Doctor's and Mrs. Blimber's schools, where he and the other boys received an intensive and rigorous education under the supervision of Mr. Federer, BA. And Cornelia Blimber. Here Paul's friend is Mr. Tutts, a classmate, friendly but weak-minded.

Here, Paul's health deteriorated further in this "great hothouse" and he eventually died, still only six years old. Dombe pushes his daughter away from him after his son dies, when he tries unsuccessfully to win her love. Meanwhile, the young Walter was sent to fill a junior position at the firm's counting house in Barbados, with Mr. Dumby's secret manager, Mr. James Carr, "with his white teeth," who sees him as his potential rival.

Relationship with Florence. His boat is thought to have been lost and he is thought to have sunk. Walter's uncle set out in search of Walter, leaving his great friend Captain Edward Cuttle in charge of The Midshipman. Florence, meanwhile, is now left alone with a few friends to accompany her.

Dumbe goes to Lemington Spa with new friend Major Joseph B. With backstock. The Major intentionally befriends Domby, his neighbor at Princess Place, Miss Tox, who has grown cold towards him because of his hopes of marrying Mr. Dombe - because of his close friendship with Mrs. Chick. At the spa, Domby is introduced to the Major by Mrs. Scutton and his widowed daughter, Mrs. Edith Granger.

Mr. Dumbe, in search of a new wife since the death of his son, considers Edith a suitable match because of his accomplishments and family connections; He is encouraged by both the Major and his greedy mother, but apparently feels no affection for him. After they return to London, Domby remarries, effectively "buying" the beautiful but arrogant Edith because she and her mother's financial situation is bad.

Marriage without love; His wife, Dombeke, despises his indomitable pride and considers himself shallow and worthless. His love for Florence prevents him from leaving at first, but in the end he conspires with Mr. Karker and flees to Disney together to tarnish Domby's public image. They do so after his final argument with Domby where he again tries to subdue her to his will.

When he discovers that she has left him, he blames Florence for being next to his stepmother, hitting her breast in his anger. Florence is forced to flee her home. Extremely distraught, he finally makes his way to The Midshipman where he lives with Captain Cuttle as he tries to restore his health. Mr. Toots and his prizefighter companion, Chicken, meet frequently, since Mr. Toots has been desperately in love with Florence since they were together in Brighton.

Dombe goes out to find his wife. He is assisted by Mrs. Brown and her daughter Alice, who was Mr. Carker's ex-boyfriend. After pleading guilty to criminal charges involving Mr Carr, he is now seeking revenge for returning to England. Upon visiting Mrs. Brown's house, Dumbe listens to a conversation between Rob The Grinder - who works for Mr. Karker - and the old woman about the couple's position and sets off to chase.

Meanwhile, at Disney, Mrs. Dombe tells Karkar that she doesn't see him in a better light than she sees Dombe, that she won't be with him, and he runs away from their apartment. Disappointed with losing both his financial and personal hopes, Karkar flees from his former employer's pursuit. He took refuge back in England, but was crushed too much, accidentally fell under a train and died.

After Karkar's death, it was discovered that he was running the firm beyond his means. This information was gathered from Karker's brother and sister John and Mr. Morphine, assistant manager of Harriet, Dumbe & Son, who was ready to help John Karker. He often overheard conversations between the two brothers where James, younger, often John, the elder, who was a lowly clerk, and Dombe fired him because of his philanthropic relationship with the former manager.

As his closest relationship, John and Harriet inherited all of Karker's earned profits, over which they felt they had no rights. As a result, they secretly pay Mr. Dombe through Mr. Morphine, who is allowed to convince Mr. Dombe that they have forgotten something from the general ruins of his fate. Meanwhile, returning to The Midshipman, Walter reappears, some of the wreckage being rescued by a passing ship after being swept away with two other sailors.

Some time later, she and Florence finally reunite - not as "brothers" and "sisters" but as boyfriends, and they get married before leaving for China on Walter's new ship. This was also the time when Soul Giles returned to The Midshipman. He is in a relationship with his friends, and while in Barbados he learns that Walter, a Chinese expatriate businessman, has been picked up and returned to England immediately.

He said that while he was in the Caribbean, he sent letters to his friend Ned Cuttle C / o Mrs. Maxtinger at Katal's former residence, and the surprised Captain described how he had escaped from there, so he never received them.

Florence and Walter leave, and Sol Giles is given a letter, which Walter writes to his father, requesting that he reunite with both of them. One year has passed and Alice Brown is slowly dying, despite the gentle care of Harriet Karkar. One night Alice's mother reveals that Alice herself is Edith Dombie's illegitimate cousin (who is responsible for the similarities between the two when they meet).

Dombe & Son goes bankrupt in a chapter titled "Revenge". Dombe retires to two rooms in his home and all its contents are put up for sale. Mrs. Pipchin, a housemaid for some time, dismissed all servants, and she herself returned to Brighton, to replace Mrs. Richards. Dombe spends his days in darkness, without seeing anyone and only thinks of his daughter:

He thought of her the night he and his bride came home. She thought of him as having been to all the house ceremonies of the abandoned house. He thought, now, all around him, he alone has never changed. His son has faded to dust, his proud wife has drowned in a vicious creature, his flatterer and friend has turned into the worst villain, his wealth has melted away, the walls sheltering him have seen him as a stranger; He had become the same alone, always looking at him gently. Yes, last and foremost. She's never changed with him - or she's never changed with him - and she's lost.

However, one day Florence returns home with her infant son Paul and reunites with her father in love.

Domby took her daughter to her and Walter's house where she began to slowly decline, Florence and Susan Nipper, now Mrs. Tuts taking care of her. They get a visit from Phoenix, Edith's cousin, who takes Florence to Edith for the last time - Phoenix finds Edith in France, and he returns to England to protect her. Edith gives Florence a letter asking Dombe to forgive her for her crime before moving to southern Italy with her elderly relative. As she tells Florence, "I will try, then to forgive her part of her guilt. Let her try to forgive me!"

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