Check out my Harry Potter and The Chamber of secrets book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" is the second installment in a series of "Harry Potter" by British author JK Rowling. The original English version was published in the United Kingdom in 1998.

Harry Potter and The Chamber of secrets
The simplified Chinese version was published in September 2000, and the regular Chinese version was published on December 22, 2000.

Harry Potter and The Chamber of secrets book summary :

One summer vacation, Dobby, the Elf of Lucius Morphine's house, appears in Harry Potter's bedroom, warning him that his life would be in danger if he returned to Hogwarts. Dobby is anxious to stop Harry from going back to school, but Harry ignores the warning, so Dobby uses magic and breaks the cake on the head of an important client.

Darsley mistakenly believes it was Harry's fault and Harry was locked in the room, and Dobby even withheld all letters from Ron and Miriam to Harry, but despite Jean's spoiler, Ron and his brothers take Harry away from him. He was rescued from the Darsley family and taken to Wesley's home in a flying car.

When Harry and others go to buy textbooks, they meet at the autograph meeting of the well-known author Guildroy Lockhart. After Lockhart finds Harry, he takes a picture with him, gives him a set of books, and announces at the scene that he will be working as a blacksmith at Hogwarts, a defense magic teacher.

 They meet the horses, and Lucius pours Tom Ryder's diary into Ginny's calderon while not everyone is watching. Unexpectedly, on the first day of school, Harry and Ron could not get on the platform, and Harry and Ron, who could not catch the express, had to steal Ron's father's flying magic car from the school, but they were hit.

Pin Liu, Ron's stick is broken, because the broken Hun Pin Liu enraged Shi Naibu and almost kicked them out of campus. Harry's work in the last semester of Voldemort made him the center of attention of all the teachers and students at the school. There are three people who pay special attention to Harry: In addition to Professor Loha, there is Colin who has always admired Harry and loved photography. Ginny Wesley, sister of Clevis and Ron.

But suddenly something strange happened at school! First, the administrator Feiki's cat was "petrified" for some reason. The lawsuit goes on, the ghost is frightened, and then Miao Lee is unfortunately frightened when he seeks information about the monster in the library, but tears out important information in the corner of the book - the snake monster ... according to the school,

One of the school's founders, Salazar Shih Slydarin, dropped out of school due to disagreements with three other founders because he insisted only on pure magicians, but before he left the school, a secret room was created inside the school where only he or "Slydarin's descendants" were. . " I just knew how to enter. This secret room was created to get the unclean students out of the school. There are rumors that horrible monsters live in the secret room. Everyone thought Harry Potter was a murderer because he could crawl.

One day, Harry accidentally picked up Rui Do's diary in the women's toilet and saw that 50 years ago, Rui du accused Hagrid, the giant spider who kept Arago, who opened the secret room and killed a student at the time. Thus was expelled. The master who heard about it kept Hagrid at bay. At the same time, Lucius Morphine threatened the school board to suspend Dumbledore because Dumbledore could not stop the attack.

 Before Dumbledore left, he left a sentence: "I will leave this school only when no one here is loyal to me. As long as a distress signal is sent, someone must lend a helping hand to Hogwarts." And that statement seemed to address Harry and Ron.

"His bones will be in the secret room forever!" Appeared on a wall inside the school, and found Ginny trapped in a secret room. The critical moment has come! At Hagrid's request, Harry and Ron learned from Arago that Hagrid had kept the spider in the castle for 50 years,

The Hagrid that didn't open the secret room 50 years ago and the monster they feared most existed in secret. Room .. and at that moment My Duo died in the women's toilet! Harry and Ron find the entrance to the secret room, which was located in the wash basin of the women's toilet, and successfully enter the secret room.

He found that the person who opened the secret room and attacked was Ginny, but Ginny was controlled and created multiple actions. It turned out that the magic of the diary controlled him. At Hogwarts, Voldemort's name was Tom Reed, and Tom Reed's diary kept Ginny in check.

When Rui du successfully opened the secret room after preparing and reporting to Hagrid, he thought that the converting teacher Dumbledore always suspected that he was the one who really opened the secret room, so he kept the secret room open and kept it. Memories in his diary. The spirit that Tom Ruido kept in his diary became even stronger because he stole Ginny's life force.

 He leaves Basilisk to fight Harry. At the critical moment, Dumbledore's phoenix brings Harry the sorting hat and the sorting hat calls him. Gore kills Basilisk with Glyfand's sword, and Harry kills Basilisk with his sword. Ruidu disappeared because the snake's wings were stuck in the diary and Ginny was alive again. The diary was kept secret by Lucius before the start of school in Caldron, Guinea, but Harry had no evidence to accuse Lucius of morphine.

Harry gave Lucius his own socks to Morphine in a broken diary, and Lucius was so angry that he threw them at his house's Elf Dobby. As a rule, as long as the owner gives the house-elves clothes to represent their freedom, Dobby is thus free.

It was later revealed that Lodger's book was written by stealing another person's adventure story. When Loha tried to erase the memory of the two, he hit Ron with a stick, causing him to lose his memory. At the end of the semester, thanks to the contributions of Harry and Ron, Gregory won the Academy Cup again.

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