Check out my Infinite Jest book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Infinite Zest is a 1996 novel by American author David Foster Wallace. Author David Foster Wallace at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles in January 2006. The portrait is taken from a group photo with the author's fans.

The German translation of Ulrich Blumenbach was published in 2009. The novel encapsulates the story in a complex narrative structure with numerous main and secondary characters from a tennis academy, a drug rehabilitation center, and a secret service environment and their behavior with addiction and dependence.

Infinite Jest

The plot is connected and driven by the search for the Endless Fun film, which captivates its viewers in such a way that they are no longer able to think and act - with life-threatening consequences. The title refers to Shakespeare's Hamlet.

The Neverending Jester is considered an important work in American literature of the 1990s, and was listed by Time as one of the top 100 English language novels.

Infinite Jest book summary :

The novel is set in the near future (when it was first published in 1996), mostly in Boston, USA. The United States, Canada, and Mexico joined the O.N.A.N. Unified, "Organization of North American Nations". Politically, the United States dominates, but French-Canadian separatists from Quebec want to enforce their independence.

As a result of the "regional restructuring", the United States has changed somewhat geographically and they have imposed a huge area on the northeast of Canada ("experimentalism"). Because this is where the United States disposes of its toxic waste, it is the target area of ​​the "Waste Disposal Projectile" thrown from the big catapult. The United States also blew up its polluted air with huge fans in this now uninhabitable area.

Energy problems, in turn, are solved by the discovery of "annular fusion", which involves side effects, but also includes hypertrophic growth of plants and animals. To increase government revenue, wealthy companies are sold the right to name their products full year, resulting in a separate calendar: "sponsorship time". The main part of the story takes place in the "year of incontinence underwear".

The main setting of the action is the elite "Enfield Tennis Academy" (ETA), a boarding school on a hill near Boston, consisting of several buildings and tennis courts, connected underground by a system of corridors and rooms. Here young people are drilled to become future tennis professionals.

Because of the constantly recalculating ranking lists, they are under constant pressure to succeed and many students take illicit drugs. Among them was 17-year-old Hal Incandenza, an athletically and linguistically gifted, one of the two main characters in the novel. He is the inventor and film director James O. The youngest son of Incandenger, who created the ETA.

After Hall's suicide, his widow Avril ran the academy with Hall's uncle Charles. His second son, Mario, who is severely physically disabled, also lives at ETA, while Orin, the eldest of three Incandenza brothers, lives in Arizona as a professional football player and loses contact with his mother.

The opposite world of the academy is at the foot of the hill: the drug rehabilitation center "Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House", the second major establishment in the novel. Among the occupants of the house is Joel Van Dyne, an former friend of Orin's. Here Supervisor Don Getley looks after the addicts. One of the main responsibilities is to ensure that strict rules of conduct are followed in the daily Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting with its charge and at the Annette House.

Getley had been addicted to drugs since childhood and became a criminal to finance his addiction. He went through rehabilitation with the help of alcoholic anonymous. He does everything he can to protect his subjects from the outside world and ultimately risks his life for them.

The story, associated with the E.T.A., the Incandenza family, and the Ennet House, begins with the activity of a Quebec terrorist group: A.F.R. This "wheelchair killer" is looking for the ultimate weapon in the fight against the United States capable of excessive violence: "Entertainment", the last work of the deadly cause irresistible film Infinite Fun, directed by James and Incandenza.

Viewers of the film immediately become addicted to it, want nothing more than to watch it over and over again, forget to eat, drink and sleep and - if found alive - inevitably lead to a child's mental state. Separate copies of the film were shown several times, with dire consequences for the audience. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

A.F.R. Looking for the master tape of the film, want to feed it on the television network and thus want to defeat the United States. The US Secret Service seeks to prevent the film from being distributed and uses agents and double agents to do so. How it ends remains open in the novel. The actual content of the film also remains unknown.

Religious-fundamentalist fanatics, A.F.R. Its killers, not for anything located in rural conservative Quebec, strongly emphasize the principle that "cult members so actively oppose personal pleasure, well-being, queerness or entertainment that they are the most advanced science that can be realized beyond basic common sense." No.

The term assassin refers to assassins, an Ismaili community, but also to 19th century suicidal anarchist assassins. There are potential martyrs in the fight against the supernatural, U.S.-controlled organization O.N.A.N. They proved their mettle in the socially dirty competition in front of a moving train (Jew du Prochein Train) for which they had to amputate their legs,

When fun-social issues are again cut off their toes for watching addictive films, and tennis matches are performed according to socially accepted rules, but drive participants into addiction. Liberal-hedonistic society thus tends towards self-destruction and creates an equally self-destructive counter-tendency.

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