Check out my Old Man and the Sea book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The Old Man and the Sea is a novel written by American author Ernest Hemingway from Cayo Blanco (Cuba) in 1951 and published in 1952. It was the last major work in a story written by Hemingway that was published during his lifetime.

Old Man and the Sea

One of his most famous works, it tells the story of Santiago, an elderly Cuban fisherman battling a giant marlin in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Cuba.

Old Man and the Sea book summary :

Santiago is an elderly, experienced fisherman who has spent eighty-four days without catching a fish. He is now seen as the worst form of misfortune, "salao" (pronounced "salado", meaning salty). Manolin, a young man who has been trained in Santiago since childhood, was forced by his parents to work on a lucky boat.

Manolin remains dedicated to Santiago, visiting his hut every night, taking his fishing gear, preparing food, and talking about American baseball and Santiago's favorite player, Joe Dimazio. Santiago says that tomorrow, he will go far into the Gulf Stream on the Florida Strait north of Cuba to fish, confident that his misfortune is nearing its end.

On the eighty-fifth day of his misfortune, Santiago quickly pulls out his skiff. By noon, he had caught a large fish that he was sure was a marlin, but he was unable to pull it. He refused to tie the line to the boat, fearing that the line would be broken by the sudden jolt of the fish. With his back, shoulders and hands he holds the line for two days and nights.

When Marilyn pulls him far off the ground, he relaxes as needed. He uses his other hooks to fish and eat a dolphin. The line cuts off his hand, his body aches and he sleeps a little. Nevertheless, he expressed sympathy and gratitude for Marilyn, often referring to her as his brother. He determined that Marilyn was not fit to eat.

On the third day, the tired Marilyn began to wander around the schiff. Santiago, almost confused, pulls the line inward, bringing Marlin to the boat. He pulls Marilyn to his side and stabs her with a harpoon, killing her. Seeing the fish too big to fit in the schiff, Santiago hit it next to his boat. Thinking about how much the fish would cost him and how many people he would feed, he left for home.

The tail of blood from the dead merlin attracts sharks. Santiago scolds himself for going too far. He kills a great mako shark with his harpoon but loses the weapon. He makes a spear out of his knife, kills three more sharks before the knife blades fall off, and he collects two more sharks.

But every shark has bitten the Great Merlin, increasing blood flow. That night, a whole school of sharks arrives. Santiago tries to defeat them. When the war breaks out, Santiago rips off the scythe tiller and the fight continues. Seeing a shark try to eat the head of a marlin, Santiago realizes that the fish has been completely swallowed. He tells the sharks that they have killed his dream.

Santiago arrives just before dawn the next day. He fights near his hut, leaving the fish head and skeleton with his scythe. When he returned home, he fell into a deep sleep. In the morning, Manolin finds Santiago. She cries as she goes to fetch coffee for Santiago. A group of fishermen gathered around the ruins of Marlin. One of them measures 18 feet (5.5 m) from nose to tail.

The fishermen tell Manolin to tell Santiago how sorry they are. At a nearby cafe, a pair of tourists mistakenly called the dead fish a shark. When Santiago wakes up, he donates the fish head to Pedrico, a fellow fisherman who has long been kind to Santiago. He and Manolin promise to fish together again. Santiago returns to sleep, and dreams of his youth and lions on the beaches of Africa.

Old Man and the Sea book review :

The Old Man and the Sea is the story of his fights with old fishermen Santiago and Marlin. After 84 days without catching anything, Santiago finally gets a huge marlin on the hook. But Marilyn is strong and does not give up without a fight.

‘I’ve never seen a calm, big, developed, brave fish or my brother as beautiful as you!’, He praised the fish.

Santiago is fishing alone. He would bring his youngest son, Manolin, who taught him everything he knew about fishing. But due to Santiago's trivial fate at sea, Manolin was transferred by his parents to another boat.

A strong friendship has developed between the old man and the boy while fishing together and Manolin is still going to Santiago and helping as much as possible. The Old Man and the Sea is a metaphor for man's struggle with nature and primarily with himself. In every challenge we face it comes down to finding the energy we really need. So every fight is a fight with ourselves.

Age plays an important role in morphology. Santiago has reached the age where his wife and friends have left. Most of his life is spent behind him than in front of him. At night the old man dreams of a lion on the beach, a memory of his boyhood. Lions remind him of a time when he was young and strong. He likes to dream about lions. I found the dream, like the novel, touching and beautiful.

He dreamed of Africa as a little boy. He saw the long, golden beach as well as the white beach. The beaches were so white that they were prone to hit your eyes. He dreamed of high caps and great, brown mountains.

The friendship between the old man and the boy is beautifully described. To the old man this friendship is rather the light of a dark life, which helps him to walk when he wants to give up. Also, it emphasizes the circle of life. The old man's life may be coming to an end but his skills and values ​​will survive in the boy.

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