Check out my Rules Cynthia Lord book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Rules is the first novel by author Cynthia Lord. In 2006 Scholastic, Inc. Published by, it was a Newbery Honors book in 2007.

Rules Cynthia Lord

It won a Sunshine State Young Readers Book for 2008-2009 and a 2007 Snyder Family Book Award. It also won the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award in 2009.

Rules Cynthia Lord book summary :

Katherine, a 12-year-old girl, tries to pull her brother David into the car. David has autism, and needs to go for occupational therapy or OT. However, he will not leave the house. Katherine decides to take a walk and talk to the men moving around her house.

She wants to know when her new neighbor, a 12-year-old girl, will also be inside. Eventually he pulls David into the car and they go to the OT. When they arrive at the OT, he begins to sketch Jason, a boy that can't speak. She tells her mother, and she yells at Katherine. However, when he gives her the picture, they become friends. When he finally sees Christy for the first time, David is screaming.

 Christie's first words to Katherine were "Is she okay?" Later, when he actually wants to meet them, they are busy opening the pack, or not at home. The next time Catherine visits OT, she agrees to help Jason make more of his speech cards. While making the cards, David needs to get a toy out of the fish tank, and he sees Christy talking to Ryan, a very rude bully boy.

 One day, Katherine's mother is making hamburger patties because she wants to invite Christie and her family for a picnic. However, Christie is at her father's house, and they fail to meet again. Catherine goes to OT again, and she gives Jason her new card. They talk, and Katherine agrees to make many more cards for him.

While making the card, Christie is invited to her home by Katherine's mother and they finally meet for the first time. They talk for a long time and play basketball, which means Katherine misses it. Katherine's mother brings back a gift for Katherine from Jason, which is a carrot for her guinea pig. Next time at OT, he brings a card and a sparkle for Jason, one of his own guinea pigs.

As they go home, Katherine Jason gets a card stock and a paper cutter to make more noise. When they get home, Christy stays in the front yard with Ryan and Ryan teases David with an empty gum wrapper. At the OT next week, Jason wants Katherine to push Jason around in his wheelchair as fast as he can, because he wants to know what it's like to run, and he does.

The next morning, Katherine and Christy go to the pool and swim, until Ryan arrives and forces Kristy to go with him instead of Katherine, disrupting the whole morning. They ask Katherine to go to the community dance, but she refuses, saying that she will not dance unless she is alone or if the house is not black. At the OT, Jason and Catherine go for a walk. When Katherine sees Christy, she hides so that Christy doesn't see her with the disabled boy.

Jason invites Catherine to his birthday party, which is the same day as the dance. She agrees, thinking it would be a good excuse not to dance. Katherine helps Christie make posters for the dance. Christie is rude that Katherine doesn't want to go dancing. Katherine goes to buy Jason a guitar for her birthday and Jason has a wheelchair with a joystick. When he goes to the party, he slips away that there is a dance that night.

 Jason asks her if she wants to go, but she hesitates. Jason thinks he just doesn't want to go with a disabled boy and he gets very angry. When Katherine finally persuades him to dance, she sees Christy. Christie is very rude when she learns that Jason is disabled and is angry that Katherine didn't tell him she was disabled. Katherine and Jason dance and Katherine realizes that her real friend is Jason, no one else who doesn't accept her or her friends.

Rules Cynthia Lord book review :

Cynthia Lord's Rules on Book Review by Fred Smith For my January book, I chose Cynthia Lord's Novel Rules The Rules is a realistic fiction book that will appeal to nine to twelve year olds. Kids who have read Sharon Draper's Out of My Mind or Betsy Byers' Summer of the Swan can really enjoy this book.

Rules is a kind and emotional story about a pre-teenage girl named Katherine and her autistic brother David. Katherine has always wanted a best friend neighbor since Melissa left. Eventually Christy moved into the next room. Catherine dreams of having a long chat, swimming in the pool and playing Morse code through the bedroom window with flashlights.

Initially Katherine befriends Christie just to find out that they are not the same as she had hoped. Meanwhile, Katherine meets another new friend, Jason. Jason is an unlikely friend that he visits at David's occupational therapy clinic.

Dealing with David's behavior in the middle of the meeting and adapting to new friends brings a lot of trouble, change of emotions and events. Will Katherine and Christie be friends? Will David's behavior point to Katherine's life forever?

Cynthia Lord's writing style uses a lot of predictions. He uses David's rules as the title of the chapter. For example, a section called "There are no toys in the fish tank". This headline tells us that David will throw another toy into the tank. I liked it because it surprised me that there would be no toys this time.

The Lord's point of view seems to be clear in the way he deals with autism. I have a pretty great opinion of this book. I really like the way Cynthia Lord presents all the rules and describes how they apply not only to David, but to other characters as well.

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