Check out my Six of Crows book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Six of the Cross is a fantasy novel written by Israeli-American author Leigh Bardugo and published in 2015 by Henry Holt & Co. The story follows a gang of thieves and it is initially set in the city of Ketterdam, inspired by the Dutch Republican era of Amsterdam.

 The plot is told from a third-person perspective of six different characters. The novel is followed by Crooked Kingdom (2016) and is part of Grishavers.

Six of Crows
Nina's story continues in the King of Scars duo: King of Scars (2019) and Rule of Wolves (2021), and other crows appear in cameos in the next novel.

Six of Crows book summary :

In Ketterdam, the capital of Kerch, Councilman Howed tested a drug called Jorda Perem on a Greek healer. The drug exceeds its potential, allowing it to control and manipulate the human mind. He escaped after paralyzing Hoede and some guards, but was found dead days later.

Wealthy merchant Jan Van reveals the results of Howed's test to a 17-year-old criminal work breaker and assigns the task of rescuing his inventor Bo Yul-Bayur from the Ice Court, an inviolable military base in Fajrdar; And prevents the existence of drugs from being exposed to the world.

Job agreed to a hefty price and began hiring a crew: Inez Gaffa, his right-handed spy he had saved two years earlier from a mansion called Menazeri; Nina Jenik, a Grisha Hartender who joins after learning about her intentions to free and recruit Matthias Halver, a former Fezardan Druskel (Grisha-hunter), who is being held in Hellgate prison because of Nina; And Jasper Fahey, a Gemini sharpshooter with a gambling addiction.

 Together, they get Mathias out of prison, who agrees to help in exchange for a pardon that will enable him to be reinstated as a Droscale. Kajaz Wylan lists Van Ek, the fugitive son of Jan Van Ek, as a demolition expert and leverage if Van Ek rejects their contract.

 As they set out from Caterdam, the crew resisted a surprise attack by rival teams; And after torturing a gangster, Jobs learns that gang leader Pecca Rollins, the man responsible for the death of his brother Jordi, is also a scientist.

Job explained his rescue plan to the crew: they would enter the ice court as prisoners, walk through the roof to the embassy sector, and disguise themselves as foreign celebrities during a festival. In the inner circle, after finding and releasing Yule-Bayur from White Island, they will leave the embassy sector.

Upon reaching Fjerda, the two Greeks attacked Jorda Perem, the symbol of the Shu government. The crew wins, but Nina recognizes one of their assassins as an old friend who eventually begs for more medicine before committing suicide from her wounds. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya.

 Matthias helps, finally letting them talk about their betrayal. Nina Ravkan was a Greek soldier in the Second Army who was taken captive by Matthias with his Fezerdan Druskel party and taken to Efzarda on a ship to be executed for trial and execution. During a storm the ship sinks and Matthias and Nina fall in love while trying to find civilization.

When they arrive in town, Nina is questioned by Greek spies about her Droscale companion. To save Matthias from his compatriots, Nina reports him to a Kerch citizen at the harbor as a slave trader, unaware that Matthias will be taken prisoner at Hellgate as soon as he arrives in Ketterdam.

Instead of returning to Ravka, Nina stays in Ketterdam to free him. Matthias reunites with Nina after learning the truth and they agree to kill Yul-Bayur, both admitting that Jorda Perem is a similar threat to Grisha and Fezardan. The crew stopped a cart of detainees to be taken to the ice court and replaced six of them.

The prisoners were tightly packed together and the bodies shifted against each other as the wagon began to move. Due to the constant feeling of the body, the pressure against him, the work loses consciousness and more of his past is revealed. After he and his brother were stopped by Pekka Rollins, a plague broke out in Ketterdam, killing many of its inhabitants, including Jordi.

Kajaz fell ill and recovered but was mistakenly pronounced dead and dumped in a ripper barge with the body for cremation. He only managed to survive by swimming off shore using Jordy's body as a buoy. The experience created an intense aversion to any kind of physical contact with human skin, prompting him to wear gloves constantly.

He woke up as soon as they entered the ice court. The crew was divided as men and women were taken to different wards. Jasper, revealed as a grease fabricator, picks up fashion locks from cell bars. Kajaz frees Nina and Inez from their cells while Matthias and Jasper collect as much rope as they can find.

The work goes with Nina to search for other holding cells for Yule-air, and when it splits, the work deviates from the plan and finds Pekka Rollins in a room. Nina is spotted by guards, who manage to raise the alarm before killing them. He hurried to the basement where Inez scaled the roof of a six-story incinerator shaft, securing an escape route for the rest of the crew.

As soon as the prison alarm is triggered, their plan is thwarted so they improve to get to the center of the ice court. Inez and Nina enter the place of the two Menagerie girls, but only Nina gets through the guards; Holds Iniz. Matthias and Job enter through a secret bridge known only to Druscale. Jasper and Wylan go off to destroy the ringwall gate and trigger an ice court alarm.

While trying to gather information from an officer at Efzardan, Nina was surprised to see Jarl Broom, the leader of Druskel and the ship's former commander. Matthias shows him in a room, appears to have betrayed him but turns against his old commander and frees Nina, swearing a sacred Droscale to keep her safe until she dies.

They look for Bo Yul-Bayur, but find out about his death. Her son, Kuei Yul-bo, is alive and she is being forced to replicate her father's research. Matthias and Nina forget to kill him because he is only fifteen and a Grisha. They take the boy and leave, they blow up the lab as they go.

They meet Kajaz and escape through a waterfall discovered by Kaj after destroying the tree in the center of White Island. Inez, meanwhile, is spotted by Menazari's leader, his former employer Helen Van Houden, who reveals Inez's true identity to the guards. Jasper and Wylan rescue him and hijack a Fezardan tank and use it to break through walls, eventually reuniting with their allies and exiting the ice court.

 They head to the dock where they were supposed to meet the ship, but a large Fezardan party awaits them, seeing a heartrender using the param in front. Without any other means, Nina takes Jorda Perem and subdues the army. A group of Broom and Druskel arrive, but before he can kill them, Matthias intervenes and asks him to save them so that Nina can calm down.

The crew arrives safely at Caterdam, Nina is already suffering from withdrawal. They drop him off at Violin, while the rest of the crew take Quie to Jan Van Ake. Van Eck, however, revealed that he only wanted Jorda Perem's formula to benefit the world from the fruits of liberation. Despite Kajas's warning that Vylan was on board, he sank the crew.

Van Eckel considers his son unfit to inherit his business empire because of the violin dyslexic. The work, however, reveals that the boy Van Single thinks that Kuwei Yul-bo is actually a violin, making Nina look exactly like the son of a scientist. Angry, Van single-handedly kidnaps Inez with the help of Grisha under the influence of Jorda Perem and gives them seven days to bring him back to the real quay.

Unwilling to endanger Inez, the work let the merchant go. Work and the rest of his crew go to Pekka Rollins, on the ice court published by Work, now back in Ketterdam. Jobs sells his shares in Crow Club and Fifth Harbor to raise the money he needs. He then plans to rescue Inez and rescue their promised money.

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