Check out my Slam Nick Hornby book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Slam is a novel by British author Nick Hornby, published in 2007. The main theme of the book is teenage pregnancy and it is written from the perspective of a teenager, Sam.

Slam Nick Hornby
The book contains a fantasy element: the protagonist repeatedly has predictable dreams so that he is projected a few months or years ahead for his future, finds himself in a completely different life situation and how his life has changed (or is about to change) - his future. The people around him did not notice his ignorance.

Slam Nick Hornby book summary :

The protagonist of the novel is a troubled 16-year-old skateboarder, Sam, who lives in London, UK. Her mother, Annie, gave birth to her when she was just 16 years old. So there is an unconventional relationship between them. She has a poster of Tony Hawk in her room that serves as her friend and confidant. Sam's two best friends are Rabbit and Rabish, two skateboarders.

Sam's father, Dave, somewhat isolated from the family, came to see them only occasionally. After meeting Alicia at a party thrown by Annie's colleague, Andrea, Sam and Alicia start dating. He believes that he has fallen in love with her and visits her almost every day, where they have sex several times.

 However, at one point Sam and Alicia try to have sex without protection. Sam knows that having sex with Alicia without a condom could make her pregnant. He's just not ready to be a dad. After a while, Sam gets upset about his relationship and decides to divorce. After a while, Alicia calls to see him so they can talk.

 Sam, realizing what news he had, had a prophetic dream of waking up next to Alicia. She is ugly and heavy, and their children, roof, loud and offensive. He occasionally attends local colleges throughout the week for a career in art and design.

Moreover Annie is pregnant. Sam woke up the next morning. He returns to his normal time and speculates that he was sent to the future by the mysterious power of his Tony Hawk poster.

Fearing that Alicia would give him clear information, he fled to Hastings and threw his cell phone into the sea. Thinking he would be able to live there permanently, Sam goes to various attractions, only to be told there is no work. While in bed and at breakfast, Sam meets a rude old man,

Mr. Brady, who hires him as a helper in various daily activities (helping him go up and down the stairs and regaining his remote control). At midnight, Mr. Brady enters his room, claiming that he helped him find the remote lying on the back of his bed. Sam recovers it silently, only deciding that he no longer wants to be in town.

He returned to Annie's house to call the police. After spending some time with Annie, Sam and Alicia meet and she reveals that she is actually pregnant. Refusing to have an abortion, Alicia and Sam work the nerves to tell Alicia's aristocratic parents, Andrea and Robert.

 Annoyed, Andrea and Robert try to persuade Alicia to have an abortion. When Alicia refuses, Andrea and Robert get out and blame Sam for ruining Alicia's life. Sam, Alicia, Andrea and Robert move to Sam's apartment, only to find Annie with her new boyfriend Mark.

When it comes to pregnancy, Annie breaks down and cries, mad that Sam will ruin her life. That night, Sam has another prophetic dream where he takes Rufus (name, he finds out, Rufus's contraction) to a doctor's appointment. Again, Sam has no idea how to take care of the roof and what is happening.

Sam annoys his son Rufus, and he realizes again that he is not the right father. Fortunately, he meets a young mom - whom he doesn't know, but who seems to know him - and shows him how to change the roof diaper, even though he says "but you're too good to do it." When he wakes up, he realizes that whether he likes it or not, he will have a life to take care of his son. Gradually he became accustomed to the idea.

As soon as Mark goes to their house, Annie becomes pregnant. Sam goes to Alicia's house only to see that she is not really welcomed there. She started taking part-time classes in college. He encounters one of Alicia's ex-boyfriends who hints that Sam's son Rufus is actually his.

He confronts Alicia when she believes he can conveniently show her as his child - which he denies angrily, but the scene destroys their relationship. She returned to her mother's apartment, where she searched the Internet for information on teenage pregnancies.

He discovered that 4/5 male teen parents lost contact with their children. He goes to Alicia and starts lining up with Alicia, so he thinks he's looking at another girl. Eventually Alicia's parents cleared up the matter.

When Alicia's time comes, Sam gets very confused, but eventually manages the role of being by her side in a believable way. He then learns the origin of the baby's name - while Rufus Wayne Wright was listening when the mother, Alicia, was recovering. Sam himself changed it to "roof".

Shortly afterwards, Sam's mother gave birth to a baby girl, Emily - who is strictly Ruff's aunt, though a month younger than him. Sam is also involved in caring for Emily. Soon Sam and Alicia take Rufus out for the day and then Alicia and Sam have sex. Alicia's mother discovers them and is especially angry.

Sam and Alicia finally convince each other that they were wrong for each other from the beginning. Then Sam has a third prophetic dream, probably a few years in the future. He woke up with an unknown beautiful girl. It has been revealed that he is his current girlfriend, Alex, Alicia and he broke up

 The two go to a restaurant to meet Alicia and her new boyfriend Carl. It has been made clear that Alicia is the baby's primary caregiver, but she and Sam still have a friendly relationship.

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