Check out my Station Eleven book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Station Eleven is a novel by Emily St. John Mandel, author of Canada. It is a fictional swine flu known as "Georgia Flu" before and after the epidemic, destroying the world, destroying the world, killing most people.

The book was published in the 21st and won the Arthur Sea Clark Award the following year. The novel was well accepted by the critics, with the short nature of Mandel's writing received special praise. It appeared on several best list of the year as 2020, it sold 1.5 million copies.

Station Eleven

A ten-part television adaptation of the same name was premiere in HBO Max in December 2021.

Station Eleven book summary :

During the production of King Lier in Elgin Theater in Toronto, he acted as an actor, starring Arthur Leander as an actor. Since he started training as paramedic, Joyavan tried to resurrect Arthur, but he failed. Instead, one of the children's actors in the production of jivan is comfortable, Carsten.

After leaving the drama, life goes to the snow and a doctor in Toronto gets a call from a friend. He warned Jivan to get out of the city because the mysterious Georgia Flu is spreading fast and will soon become a full-fledged epidemic. The tongue imposes on the supply and his brother goes to stay with Frank. Many actors, actresses and others died within the next three weeks.

Twenty years later, Carsten is part of a traveling team of actors and musicians known as Traveling Symphony. At the time of the outbreak, eight-year-old Kirsten may remember a little bit of his life before Zero, but Arthur drawn a two-storey set of graphic novels given to him before his death under Station XI.

The Troop is visiting the Great Lakes region in the two -year cycle, performing Shakespeare drama and classical music, while on the other hand, Cursten leaves homes for props, clothing and Arthur signs at Tabloid magazines.

This trop is intended to re -combine with two members of the pregnant Charlie and her husband Jeremy in a small town. Upon arriving, they are upset to know that their friends are missing, and the city is now under the control of the Prophet, who raped young girls claiming to be his "wife". The Troop goes quickly, and goes beyond the museum of civilization, a settlement where they believe they can find their missing friends.

On the way, they discovered a young Stowe who fled the city, because he was promised as another bride. Within a short period of time, the members of the Troop began to disappear until the whole trop was over, and only Carsten and his friend left August. Terrified, they continue to the museum in hopes of reuniting with others.

Unknown to Cursten, Station Eleven Arthur's first wife, Miranda, is an unpublished emotion project. Fourteen years before the decline of civilization, Miranda left an abusive relationship and married Arthur, a friend of the coastal British Colombia, who has been famous since then. As an actor, Arthur's fame came to the top, Miranda realized that he had a relationship with the woman that would become his second wife Elizabeth.

The night that Miranda discovers the matter, he comes out of his house and asks a paparazzo outside if he has a cigarette. The paparazzo has become a tongue. A few years later, when Jivan is trying to re -invent himself as an entertainment journalist, Arthur gives him an exclusive interview; He is leaving Elizabeth and their young son Tyler to stay with another woman.

Jivan reflects about when he and Frank are separated in Frank's apartment. A few weeks later, they realize that no one is coming to save them. Frank, who is paraplagic, died by suicide to prevent life from being responsible. Jivan began its journey to the south and many years later, found a new settlement where he got married and became a city doctor.

In Zero, Clark, one of Arthur's friends, told Elizabeth that Arthur was dead. Clark, Elizabeth and Tyler arrived on the same flight to the same flight from New York City to Toronto to attend Arthur's funeral, until the epidemic was founded at Seven City Airport. Passengers are nowhere to go, create a disposal at the airport and become the "curator" of the Clark Civilization Museum, where he collects patterns like iPhone and laptop computers.

Although most of the people survived from the airport have adapted to their new life, took religious initiatives by Elizabeth and Tyler, believed that the epidemic had happened for a reason and saved those who were good. Two years later they moved to a religious community.

Currently, Carsten and August have found a group of people from their Troop, hostage, hostage. They killed men and free Said, who explained that their friend Dietor was killed, another hostage escaped, warning the trop and explaining how they were missing by sending it to other streets.

Seven City left the airport's trio, but Korstene soon discovered by the Prophet. Just before he kills him, he mentions "Undersia" from the station eleven comics. Carsten quotes the line from the station eleven, for a long time confused by the prophet that a small sender (there is a crisis of faith) shot him before taking his life. This trio continues in the museum of civilization, where they are re -combined with Charlie, Jeremy and the rest of the Troop.

Clark, who has lived in the museum for twenty years, realized that Kirsten K, his attachment to Arthur and the Prophet was Tyler Leander. Clark took Carsten to the airport control tower, where with a telescope he showed him that there is a city in the south that has electric light, which civilization has begun to lift its roots.

Five weeks later, Carsten moved to the south of the city with a travel symphony. He gave a copy of the Station XI in the Museum of Clark. He began to read it and recognized a scene that was borrowed from a dinner party that he, Arthur and Miranda once participated.

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