Check out my The Enormous Crocodile book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The Enormous Crocodile is a British 1978 children's story, written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. The story was adapted into a 1997 TV special.

The Enormous Crocodile

The Enormous Crocodile book summary :

The story begins on a large, deep, muddy river in Africa, where a giant crocodile (title character) tells a tiny little crocodile, who is said to be "not so big" that he wants some baby food for him. Lunch. Small crocodile objects, because real babies taste "harder and chewy and nasty and bitter" than fish according to him, and because of what happened the very last time big crocodiles tried to eat babies.

The big crocodile somehow leaves the big, deep, muddy river and first announces the purpose of the Hampi-Rampy the Hippopotamus, then the Trunkie the Elephant, then the Muggle Vamp The Monkey and finally the Rolly-Polly Bird. The four beasts of the forest are all terrified and upset, insulting him,

In the hope that he will fail miserably and kill himself on the spot, the beast then briefly and unsuccessfully attacks the first Muggle-Wamp The Monkey in his tree and rolls. Polly Bird in her (newly-built) nest.

First, the big crocodile walks into a secluded coconut tree forest, not far from an empty town, where he disguises himself as a small coconut tree, using some fallen tree branches and coconuts, hoping to eat Toto and Mary, a brother and a town dweller. Sister

But annoyingly Hampi-Rampy is caught near The Hippopotamus, who grabs the crocodile by the head and sends him "to roll on the ground." Later, the big crocodile moved to a children's playground outside an old school building.

Using only a stray piece of wood, the crocodile disguises itself as a saw, hoping to eat a whole class of kids who want to climb on what they see, but,

Despite the children's teacher telling the children that they themselves are "a fairly sight to behold", he was distracted by Muggle-Wamp the Monkey, who told the whole class of kids to "run, run, run" and saw the big crocodile not really one and he just They want to eat.

Fearing he might be caught and killed, the big crocodile goes to a busy fun fair, and when no one is around, he quickly disguises himself as a wooden crocodile and sandwiches himself between a brown lion and a yellow dragon. (With a red tongue sticking out of his mouth) A young woman named Jill wants to climb on him hoping to eat, but is annoyed to see a roly-poly bird from the jungle.

Refusing to give up his job once in a lifetime, the big crocodile finally goes to a picnic spot in a forest just outside the city where there are trees and bushes. When no one is looking, the crocodile picks up a bunch of beautiful colorful flowers with its front legs and then, he arranges it on a table in the area.

From exactly the same table, the crocodile hides and snatches one of the tall benches in the area and hides the long bench in a bush in the area before disguising itself as a wooden four-legged bench with its four legs, hoping to eat four babies, ("two boys and two girls"). ") Everyone is going out on a picnic together, but Trunkie the Elephant is annoyingly discovered.

Taking the opportunity to save the day, the trunk set off for Picnic Place. Once he takes the colorful flowers to the table, Trunkie picks up the big crocodile horizontally with his tail and tells him that he and the other animals in the forest have "enough" of his "clever tricks".

Then, the trunk swings the crocodile in the air with its tail, first slowly, and then a little faster, and then much faster, and finally very fast, before finally throwing it into the sky with its trunk. The giant crocodile flies diagonally through the sky, the Earth's stratosphere, and the universe. The crocodile crosses the moon, crosses all the other planets, and then the stars.

The story ends with, "With the most amazing leg!" The flying crocodile hits the head with the sun in the middle of the solar system where it becomes "like a sausage" and kills it permanently.

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