Check out my The Lost Daughter book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The Lost Daughter is a 2021 psychological drama film written and directed by Maggie Gillenhall through her feature directorial debut, based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Elena Ferrant.

The film stars Olivia Coleman, Dakota Johnson, Jesse Buckley, Paul Mescal, Dagmara Dominic, Jack Forthing, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Peter Sarsgaard and Ed Harris. Coleman also works as an executive producer.

The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter had its world premiere on September 3, 2021 at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, where Glennhall won the Golden Osela Award for Best Screenplay. It began limited release in the United States on December 17, 2021, before streaming on Netflix on December 31.

 The film was critically acclaimed and received three nominations at the 94th Academy Awards: Best Actress (Coleman), Best Supporting Actress (Bakli), and Best Adaptive Screenplay.

The Lost Daughter book summary :

While on vacation in Greece, Leda Caruso, a middle-aged college professor and renowned translator, meets Nina, a young mother, after Nina's three-year-old daughter, Elena, disappears from the beach for a moment. Leda finds Elena and returns her to Nina, who expresses her growing fatigue and illness.

Elena is upset after losing her favorite doll, which Leda secretly took. In the flashback, it is revealed that young Leda also fought to become the young mother of her two daughters, Bianca and Martha, often losing her temper and moving away from her family.

One evening, Leda has dinner with Lyle, the caretaker of her holiday apartment, who sees that she has the doll but doesn't comment on it, or she doesn't tell Nina. Leda later discovers that Nina has an affair with Will, who works at the beach bar, and Nina explains that her husband, Tony, controls her.

The search for Elena's doll continues, with Nina even setting up a flyer and offering a reward for her return. At a market, Leda buys Nina a hatpin to keep her sunhat right.

When Nina asks Leda about her daughters, Leda becomes emotional; She reveals that she abandoned them for three years after being overwhelmed, leaving them with their current ex-husband, at which point she had an affair with a co-professor.

He admits that it was "amazing" to be away from his daughters and that he returned to them only when he really missed them. Nina finds out that Leda knows about him and Will and Will later asks Leda if they can borrow her apartment for sex.

The next day, when Nina approaches Leather to get the keys to the apartment, Leda confesses to being a selfish and "unnatural" mother and warns Nina that her depression will never go away. Leda also gives her Elena dolls, admitting that she took it and that she was "just playing".

Nina reacts angrily and stabs Leda in the stomach with a hatpin before leaving. That night, Leda packed her bags and left the resort, but her car pulled off the road because of the pain from her wounds. He stumbled on the beach and fell to the shore.

The next morning, Leda wakes up on the beach and calls Bianca, who was with Martha. They are relieved to hear from their mother, from whom they have not heard for days. Leda says she's fine and then looks down and discovers an orange in her hand; He peels off the orange skin "like a snake" the way he did to his daughters as a child.

 The Lost Daughter book review :

The Romanov family never expected what would happen to them until the last minute. History proves it to be true. So while Tsar and Zarina and their daughters and sons were under house arrest, they did not realize what their fate might be.

Maria, with her lively personality, befriends her captives, often spends time with the guards and gets acquainted with them. But then when the family tragedy happened, he was not ready for what was going to happen.

Without telling the story - I'll just say that decades later, a woman discovers that her father's past is nothing like what she was told. With a few clues to guide her, she researches her past - and what she finds is amazing. And what we learn is that the Grand Duchess Maria may have been shocked.

It’s a masterpiece story that you don’t really want to put down. I was fascinated by the history woven with fiction, and one might believe that this is how it happened. A great story that historical fiction readers will surely enjoy.

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