Check out my The Lost Hero book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The Lost Hero is a fantasy novel inspired by Greco-Roman mythology written by Rick Rewardan. It is the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series, the successor to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

It was released in the United States on October 12, 2010, in Brazil on May 20, 2011, and in Portugal on April 2, 2014. Unlike previous stories where Rewordan used first-person narratives and only elements of Greek mythology, The Lost Hero presents the story from a third-person perspective and introduces Roman mythology to the universe of the series.

The Lost Hero
Chapters alternate between the perspectives of Jason Grace, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez, the three goddesses who discover their origins after being struck by wind spirits in the Grand Canyon during a school trip. Their camp is sent to Half-Blood and they are given a mission to rescue Hera from the prison of the giant Porphyry.

The book was originally published by Disney Hyperion, the cover of which was designed by illustrator John Rocco. With an initial print run of two and a half million copies, it was published in hardcover as well as audio and digital, translated into 36 languages ​​and available in 37 countries; In addition, a graphic novel was published in the United States on October 7, 2014. The Brazilian version was in charge of the publisher Intrinsa, while the publisher was the Portuguese version of Planet.

The Lost Hero book summary :

A boy named Jason wakes up on a school bus and remembers nothing of his past. He sees himself sitting next to Piper McLean, apparently his girlfriend and Leo Valdez, who claims to be his best friend. The three are on a school trip to the Grand Canyon and when they get there, they are struck by the animosity, the spirits of the storm. The animals attack the trio and their teacher, Gleason Hedge.

In the next fight, Jason surprises everyone, including himself, when one of his coins turns into a sword, which he uses to intimidate spirits. Soon, Hedge reveals himself as a satyr and is captured by monsters. After the battle a flying chariot pulled two pegasis to the land where they were. A crew, Annabeth Chase, expresses her frustration that Percy Jackson, her missing boyfriend, is not there as she expected.

Find other children like them. There, Leo, Piper and Jason discover they are the children of Hepheastus, Aphrodite and Zeus, respectively. Later, Jason also discovers that he is the brother of Thalia Grace because they share the same surname. On the same day, Leo finds the lost Bronze Dragon Automaton from his cabin and repairs it.

He names her Festus and the creature returns the favor by showing her Bunker 9, a secret workshop where Leo puts wings on her and equips himself with a magical belt that gives him whatever equipment he needs. Meanwhile, during Jason's interview with Chiron, time is frozen at home and Hera is seen asking the god for help. Annabeth suggests that they follow the Grand Canyon wind spirits and find Aolas for clues.

The trio begin their mission and their first stop is at the castle of Borias, Quebec, where they meet Calais and Jetis, the sons of Borias, and later Khion, the goddess of snow. Among the spectators with the gods, they discover that Animoi was in Detroit. Later, seeing the "SPQR" tattoo on Jason's arm, Borias transforms his Roman version into Achilles and lets the team go.

When the trio arrive at their new destination, Festus freezes and they fall into an abandoned warehouse, where they discover the home of three cyclops. After capturing Jason and Piper, Leo destroys the monsters using a crane and his newly acquired power to control the fire. However, when they celebrate their victory, the cyclops reconstruct themselves, then the gods quickly flee. Following them, they find Media Shopping Mall, which was occupied by Coach Hedge and Animoi.

He uses his alluring powers to keep Jason and Leo in a trance and reveals that Piper's father, Tristan McLean, was captured by the giant Enceladus. The girl breaks the spell and in retaliation the media releases two dragons to chase them, but Festus destroys them and the party escapes with hedge and caged spirits.

After the dragon falls again, they find the palace of Midas, whose security system breaks the automaton to pieces. Leo and Piper are turned into gold idols by the king, but Jason defeats him and thunders inside the house, causing rainwater to enter the place and heal his friends. After being attacked by Lycaon and his werewolf pack, they get help from hunters from Thalia and Artemis.

 There, they offer animo to talk to the gods, but the gods betray them and imprison them. However, Meli, Nymph's assistant to Aolas, helps them escape. Aphrodite then speaks to Piper through a dream and reveals that his enemies are acting on the orders of Gaia, who slowly wakes up from his deep sleep and seeks to oust the Olympian gods from their place of origin: Greece.

The group moved to Mount Diablo, San Francisco, where Enceladus captured Piper's father. During the next fight, they are able to kill the monster, although in the process Jason's sword breaks. Seeing his father's desperation, Piper gives him a medicine given by Aphrodite to erase all memories of the abduction and war; Hedge then offers to take him home safely. The heroes head to the Wolf House, where Thalia ends up seeing Jason to free Hera.

Arriving at the place, they meet the hunters of Artemis again, but they are attacked by Khion (who freezes all the warriors) and Lycaon. Leo manages to chase the goddess and Jason defeats the creature with the help of the storm spirit in the form of a horse. Next, Piper uses his attraction to keep Gaia asleep when Leo cuts the cell cage where Hera was stuck with a chainsaw.

Although the heroes protect the goddess, Porphyry, the king of the demons, is reborn using the life force of Hera. When it is released, the monster disappears into a hole in the earth before using its power to destroy it. Back in Camp Half-Blood, Jason's memory comes back and he remembers that he belonged to a Roman Demigod camp in San Francisco, and was therefore the son of Jupiter instead of Zeus.

 It is also revealed that Hera exchanged Jason and Percy from the camp and took their memories as a way to start a peace agreement between the two parties, who had been in conflict for a long time, so that they could fight together. Giant and defeated Gaia.

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