Check out my The Phantom Tollbooth book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Milo's Fantastic Customs House (original title: The Phantom Tollbooth) is a book by author Norton Juster, illustrated by Jules Fifa. It is a fantasy novel that targets children and young people and was published in 1961 by publisher Random House.

The book was a huge success in the United States and was filmed in 1970. At the center of the plot is Milo, a bored boy who wants to do adventure. On a completely ordinary afternoon, her dream seems to come true, when suddenly a toll appears in her bedroom.

Since he doesn't have anything good, he drives his toy car through customs. Toll took him to The Kingdom of Wisdom. There he meets new friends and experiences exciting adventures. The biggest adventure is that Milo will save two princesses, Rhyme and Reason.

The Phantom Tollbooth

Author Norton Juster claims that his father loved movies with the Marx Brothers and that these movies influenced him when he wrote the book. Even the idiom has influenced him. The book almost immediately became a classic. Critics often compare it to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

In addition to the original language (English), the book has been translated into several other languages. The book was translated into Swedish in 1967, but no new editions have been published since. However, it is possible to retain the versions imported into Sweden.

The Phantom Tollbooth book summary :

Milo is a young schoolboy. The world around him annoys him and every entertainment seems like a waste of time. One day he came home from school and saw a package in his house. The package includes a small toll and a map of "Beyond the Lands". He also found a note that read, "For Milo, who has plenty of time" ("To Milo, who has plenty of time").

Milo collects the toll, takes the map and drives through the toll with his toy car and before he knows it he goes on the path of "expectation". Milo enjoys the trip and takes a short break to talk a little with "The Weather Man".

After that, he doesn’t notice where he’s driving and soon he gets lost in the “Doldrums”, a colorless place where no one is allowed to think and laugh. Anyway, Milo is rescued by Talk, who is a "watchdog" (a dog with an alarm clock on one side). Talk accompanies him for the rest of the trip.

First they come to Dixonopolis, one of the two capitals of the kingdom of knowledge. There they visit a market where only words and letters are bought and sold. There they meet Spelling Bee and Humbug, but are almost immediately arrested by a very young officer, Schrift - whose hobby is to arrest people without further ado. In prison, Milo can learn about the history of the kingdom of knowledge.

The country has two rulers, King Ajaz and a mathematician. Each of these two rulers has a sister, the princess rhyme and reason - who previously took care of all the disputes that arose in the country. Harmony reigned in the kingdom of wisdom at that time, because the two princesses decided that numbers and letters were equal (the country consisted of two large numbers and letters).

King Azaz and the mathematician banished the rhymes and logic of the princesses to a castle in the air and the country has been plagued by controversy ever since. Officer Schrift's purpose is to keep people in prison, not to make sure they are there - which is an easy escape for Milo and Tok to escape from the cave that they are prisoners of.

They manage to go to a party organized by King Ajaz and where guests are literally allowed to eat their talk. King Milo and Hambug let the princesses plan to save the rhyme and logic. King Ajaz appointed Hambug as his guide, and he and Milo and Talk advised the mathematicians to go to the city of Digitopolis.

Along the way, they meet a character like Alec Bings, a little boy who can see things directly. Together with Alec, they see how Chroma directs their orchestra to play in the colors of the Great Sunset.

In Digitopolis, they stop at a mine where numbers are dug and precious stones are thrown away. There they are offered a strange stew that will make you hungry and hungry the more you eat. The mathematician removes the mine with his magic eraser, then he and Milo discuss the infinity. The mathematician doesn't want them to succeed in rescuing the princesses, but Milo persuades him to let them do it.

They arrive at "Mountain of Ignorance", where monsters like the terrifying Trivium and Sense Taker keep sticks on wheels for Milo and his friends. However, Milo overpowers the monsters with the gift he received before the journey. After overcoming various obstacles and their own fears, they manage to go to the castle in the air where the princesses will stay.

The two princesses welcome Milo and agree to go back to wit. Tok flew with them on his back. The monsters begin to chase them but a large army comes to the rescue. The army welcomed the princesses home and then a big party was organized which lasted for three days to celebrate the return of the princesses.

Milo said goodbye to his friends, got in his car and started driving. She feels like she's been gone for weeks. Suddenly he sees the toll, which he goes through again. Then he goes back to his room, and discovers that he has only been gone for an hour.

When he wakes up the next day, he wants to return to the realm of knowledge in the hope of experiencing more exciting adventures. But after coming home from school, the toll has disappeared. However, he finds a new note that reads "For Milo, who knows the way" ("To Milo, who knows the way").

Milo is disappointed and hopes that Toll will come back to him one day. But then he looks around and discovers that the world around him, which was once just ugly and annoying, has now suddenly become beautiful and exciting.

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