Check out my The Red Pony book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The Red Pony (original title: The Red Pony) is a short novel for young people by John Steinbeck, published in 1933 in the United States.

The Red Pony book

The novel was translated into French by Marcel Duhamel and Max Morise in 1946 in the La Grande Vallée collection, then, in duo with La Perle, in a youth edition at the Club des jeunes amis du livre no. 39 in 1960. numerous reissues.

In the French edition of La Grande Vallée, a short story was added after "Poney Rouge": "Le Chef", which uses the same place and the same characters as this one: Jody, her parents Carl Tiflin and Mme Tiflin, and farm boy Billy Buck

The Red Pony book summary

The Red Pony is a novel (compilation of four short stories) by American writer John Steinbeck. The first three chapters were published in journals from 1933-1936, the complete book being published in 1937 by Covici Friede.

 The stories in the book are about a boy named Jody Tiflin. The book has four different stories about Jody's life on her father's farm in California.

 The other main characters are Carl Tiflin - Jody's father; Billy Buck - a horse specialist who helps out on the farm; Mrs. Tiflin - Jody's mother; Jody's Grandfather - Mrs. Tiflin who has traversed the Oregon Trail and enjoys telling stories about her experiences;

 and Gitano - an old man who wishes to die at Tiflin Farm. After these three stories, there is a short story (taken from an earlier work by Steinbeck,

 Pastures in Heaven) at the end of the book titled "Junius Maltby". This last story was omitted from the edition published by Penguin Books.

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