Check out my The Red Pyramid book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The Red Pyramid is a 2010 fantasy-adventure novel based on Egyptian mythology by Rick Rewordan. This is the first novel in The Cain Chronicles series.

 The novel was first published in the United States on May 4, 2010, by Hyperion Books for Children, an imprint of Disney Publishing Worldwide. It has been published in hardcover, audiobook, ebook, and large-print edition, and has been translated from the original English into 19 languages.

The Red Pyramid

Why the book follows siblings, Carter and Sadie, as they discover that they are descendants of both pharaohs and magicians of ancient Egypt. As a result, they are able to perform both host gods and magic. The pair unknowingly host the Egyptian gods Horace and Isis, while their father is hosted by Osiris who is captured by the set.

They are thrown into an adventure to rescue their father, at the same time trying to save the world from destruction. The novel is written as if it were a replica of an audio recording of siblings Carter and Sadie Kane, described in first-person by the siblings in turn.

The Red Pyramid book summary :

Carter and his father Julius Kane meet Carter's sister Sadie, who has been living with her grandparents in London since the death of their mother, Ruby Kane. Julius, a magician posing as a general Egyptologist, takes the siblings to the British Museum, where he tries to bring Osiris (the Egyptian god of the underworld) to the mortal world.

 Her magic involves invoking the gods Horace, Isis, Nephthys, and Seth, as well as unintentional side effects to warn magicians Zia Rashid and Michelle Desjardin about her activities, which is illegal in the magic community.

Seth, the god of chaos, captures Julius and announces his intention to become king of the world. Unknown to Carter and Sadie, each of the liberated gods chooses a mortal host from among the people in the room.

Carter and Sadie are taken to Brooklyn by their uncle, Amos, who tells them that they come from a long line of magicians, ranging from the Egyptian Pharaohs Ramesses the Great and Normar. He explains the terrible danger of the set to the world and goes in search of him. While he was away, the palace was attacked by set minions.

With the help of Saadi's cat Muffin, who is the host of Devi Bast and Zia Rashid, they fled to Cairo. Once there, Carter and Sadie discover that they are the hosts of the gods Horace and Isis, respectively. They trained in magic until Alexander, the leader of the magicians, died and Michelle Desjardin ordered their death for illegally collaborating with the gods.

The siblings escape and make plans to defeat Seth - hoping to rescue their father and clear their name in the magic community. They travel through the layers of the Arizona set, collecting elements for magic and avoiding hostile monsters and magicians.

Bast sacrifices himself to save Carter and Sadie from Sobec, then they face Amos and then Zia. The four move to the dormitory of the set, where they learn the final part of the mantra they need from a dead Zia, the unknown host of Nephthis.

Carter, Sadie, Horace and Isis use spells to subdue the set, although they refrain from completely destroying him because they realize that his actions were driven by a worse enemy - Apophis, the much more powerful god of chaos. Desjardins reluctantly releases Carter and Sadie after a breakup with Horus and Isis.

After a tearful farewell to Zia, who has become a magical copy of the true magician, Carter and Sadie return to Brooklyn. They reunite with their father, now in the underworld, reunited with their ghostly mother. As a gift, the other gods, as well as Osiris (hosted by the late Julius), help Bast return to the mortal world.

Carter and Sadie describe their plans to (illegally) hire other magicians to study the path of the gods, and Carter also decides to find the real Zia Rashid.

The Red Pyramid book review :

Rick Rewardan's book "The Red Pyramid" is a great read for any age. The main characters, Carter and Sadie Kane, begin their first adventure in this book. When their father accidentally invokes an Egyptian god and is buried in the underworld, the twins must risk everything to find him.

With the help of their mysterious uncle, Carter and Sadie must use their hidden magic to defeat them and anything in their father's way. "Red Pyramid" is an amazing story with a loving, relatable character and ending that will make you want more !!

I enjoyed this book and when I finished it in 7th grade, I was glad to know that the Can Chronicle had two more books. The "Red Pyramid" is suspicious and you can't put it down.

 I liked all the characters in this book and have already read it three times. The main reason I chose this book was because a friend of mine recommended it, and I'm so glad I decided to read it!

 The whole book was exciting and I would love to read it for the fourth time. I'm excited to read more of Rick Rewardon's books and hope they're just as great as this one.

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