Check out my The Red Tent book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The Red Tent is a historical novel by Anita Diamond, published in 1997 by Watt Books for the St. Martin's Press. It is a first-person narrative that tells the story of Joseph's sister Jacob and Lear's daughter Dinah.

He is a minor character in the Bible, but the author has extended his story. The title of the book refers to the tent where the women of the Jacob tribe, according to ancient law.

The Red Tent
They had to take shelter during menstruation or delivery and where they got mutual support and encouragement from their mothers, sisters and aunts.

The Red Tent book summary :

Dinah opened the story for the readers of his mother Leya and father Jacob, as well as Lia's sister Rachel and Handmade Jilpah and Bilha. Lia is worthy of but as a test, Rachel is like Bell, but kind and creative, Zilpa is depicted as bizarre and spiritual and Bilha is portrayed as soft and calm.

Dina remembers sitting in a red tent with her mother and her aunts, gossiping on local incidents, and taking care of her domestic responsibilities in meeting Jacob, the father of the family. Some of the more characters that were not seen in the Bible details, including Laban's second wife, Ruti and his unconscious sons.

According to the Bible in Genesis 34, Dinah was "impure" by a prince of Shekem, though he was described as true in love with Dina. He also offers the price of a bride suitable for royalty. The way the prince was dissatisfied with their sister,

His brother Simone (the book "Simon" was spelled in the book) and Levi betrayed the shemeite that the prince and his people would be forgiven if the Jews went through circumcision (Brit Milah).

The king of Shikhem to combine the people of Hamor with the tribe of Jacob. The shemeet agrees, and shortly after they left the knife, in pain, they were murdered by Dinar's brothers and their male slaves, who then returned with the dinar.

In the red tent, Dinah really loves the prince and voluntarily becomes his bride. He is terrified and grieved by the murder of his brothers. After cursing his brother and father, he fled to Egypt, where he gave birth to a son.

Over time he found another love and reunited with his brother Joseph, who is now in Egypt. On Jacob's death, he went to see his isolated family. She has learned that she has forgotten by her other living brothers and father but her story lives with the women of the tribe of Jacob.

The Red Tent book review :

A minor character in the book of Genesis tells the story of her life in this vivid revelation of the Old Testament women's world. The only surviving daughter of Jacob and Leah, Dina occupies a much different world from her siblings and business dealings. She learned the secrets of midwifery from her aunt Rachel and the art of house building from her other aunts.

Most importantly, Dina learns and preserves her family stories and traditions, which she shares with the reader in intimate detail. Familiar passages from the Bible come to life when Dinah fulfills what the Bible leaves about Jacob's marriage to Rachel and Lear, her own unfortunate position in the city of Seychemles, and the rise to fame and fortune of her honest brother Joseph in Egypt.

After working on a number of nonfiction works on Judaism (a Jewish way of life, etc.), Diamond's fictional debut connects early Israeli passions with the modern Jewish tradition, while its title is the Red Tent (where women go back for menstruation, childbirth) and Became a resonant symbol of women's power, love and wisdom.

 Despite some nonprofit degradation, Diamond has been remarkably successful in portraying the lives of women in the era that gave birth to our civilization and our most enduring values. (Oct.)

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