Check out my On The Silver Eyes book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book Five Nights at Freddies: The Silver Eyes (2015) was published by Scott Gorham and Kira Breed-Risley (co-written mystery horror novel).

The novel is a reference to Ji Huang's best-selling horror game series "Five Nights at Freddie's" and is acknowledged for sharing the same worldview as the story, but a different story. On June 27, 2017, a sequel titled Freddies at Five Nights: Twisted Things went on sale.

The Silver Eyes

Upon publication, the book was able to become number one on the New York Times bestseller list in the youth paperback section.

The Silver Eyes book summary :

In 1995, 17-year-old Charlotte (nicknamed Charlie) returned to her hometown of Lee Hurricane, Utah, to take part in a scholarship for her classmate and friend Michael Brooks, who died ten years ago. He reunites with his childhood friends Jessica, John, Carlton, Lamar, Marley, and Marley's brother Jason, and they plan to return to the place where Michael died: "Face Bear Freddie's Pizza", a family restaurant that once belonged to Charlie's father. Was owned.

An unfinished shopping mall was built on the site of the restaurant, but after a thorough search it was found that the restaurant was not destroyed and the mall was built around it. Upon entering, they tour the abandoned restaurant and find symbolic mechanical dolls designed and made by Charlie's father - Freddie the Bear, Bonnie the Rabbit and Chika.

The next day, Charlie and his friends attend a scholarship presentation at their old school, and Michael's parents give a lecture about him. Later, John confesses to Charlie that he remembers seeing a stranger in a yellow Freddie dress at Freddie's Pizza on the day of Michael's death, and now he suspects that the same man killed Michael. Charlie, Jessica, John and Carlton returned to the restaurant that night with Lamar, Marley and her 11-year-old brother Jason.

They found the console that was still working and the droid would get stuck, and Charlie also found a fourth droid, Hot the Pirate Fox, who broke his arm with his hook and got into trouble if he didn't go. Open.

This incident will kill him. The next morning, before returning to Hurricane, Charlie told John that his father had another restaurant called "Fred Bears Family Restaurant," but there were two acting robots, a yellow version of Freddie and Bonnie (Fred the Bear) and Spring Bonnie.

When John takes Charlie to an abandoned restaurant in New Harmony, he remembers that his brother Sammy was abducted by someone in a Bonnie suite, which caused the restaurant to close and Charlie's parents to divorce. She suspects there is a connection between Sammy's abduction and Michael's murder.

That afternoon, they return to Freddie's Pizza Restaurant, but are caught by mall guard David, who threatens to call the police. Charlie asks her to explore the restaurant with them and she agrees. Inside, they're playing with the console, and when they get distracted, David rescues a yellow bunny suit and kidnaps Carlton, only to find Jason.

 They fled the restaurant and found Officer Right, the restaurant door was locked with chains as they left. Carlton's father, Officer Clay Burke, doesn't believe their story and speculates that Carlton is playing a prank. Charlie later chats with John about his father; After killing Michael, he closed the restaurant and committed suicide, leading many to suspect that he was the killer.

The officer returned to the mall the next day to look for the right restaurant, but was attacked and killed by David. Charlie and John go to the library to see the history of "Fred Bear's Family Dining Room" and find an old newspaper article about Sammy's right turn time with a picture of Dave, which the news says calls the restaurant one of the owners.

At the restaurant, David locks Carlton in a suit and explains that several of them can be transformed into robots through a spring mechanism called "spring lock". If the locks are triggered while someone is wearing the suit, the metal parts will tear the wearer apart. David's real identity is William Afton, the owner of two restaurants. He is the crazy psychopath who killed Sammy, Michael and four other children.

After Jason escapes, he tries to be rescued by Carlton, Charlie, John, Lamar, Jessica and Marler who enter the restaurant to find him. After finding Carlton, Charlie breaks the snap lock and rescues him from his clothes.

As they searched for the exit, four robots suddenly came to life and chased them around the restaurant. William reveals that the robots are controlled by the vengeful spirit of his victims, proud that they will hunt and kill any intruders. Charlie's party tries to hide in the party room, but all four robots surround them.

 However, they are stopped by the arrival of a fifth robot, Yellow Freddy, from Fred Bear's family restaurant, which Charlie later discovers is controlled by Michael's spirit. They may even find out later that mechanical dolls are actually trying to protect them from afton. Yellow Freddy lets them go and Officer Burke comes to find the missing officer right.

William attacks in a yellow bonnet costume, but Charlie quickly activates his snap lock, killing him. After the robots took William's body, Officer Burke's men relentlessly rushed in to get everyone out of the mall. Charlie's party returned to their hometown the next morning. Before the hurricane leaves, Charlie visits his father's grave and recalls the happy days he spent with his father as a child.

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