Check out my War Horse book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. "War Horse": A children's novel by Michael Morpurgo, published in 1982. The first edition was published by Kaye & Ward in the United Kingdom. Joey, a horse that Albert got and raised in his childhood.

War Horse

Sent to France as a war horse in World War I, Albert and Joey tell the story of how they returned home safely. The novel was based on the 2007 drama "War Horse-War Horse" and the 2011 film "War Horse".

War Horse book summary :

One day, a man named Ted Narcott bought a young horse. Ted's son Albert named him Joey, loved him, protected him when Ted was drunk and took care of Joey. Along with the Narcotes, Joey meets a horse named Joe. Zoe is a horse that is the origin of Joey's name, and he is the source of Joey's healing.

Soon, before Albert stops, Ted sells Joey to the Army for money. Albert tried to join the army, but he was too young for it. Albert promises to join the army when Joe is old enough.

Joey was trained for the Army by Corporal Perkins, Captain James Nicholas was his rider and led an infantry unit. Topthorn and Joey, James Stewart's horse, soon became friends. However, Nicholas was killed during an attack on the German army. Stuart Joey hires Rider as a heavy but very gentle nervous man, Warren equestrian.

During another attack, when Topthorn and Joey take Warren and Stuart to the front, only two of them are captured by the Germans. They use Joey and Topthorn to pull an emergency car to the hospital, where two horses save many lives and become famous and respected.

The Germans allow Emily and her grandfather, who live on a farm near the front line, to take care of Joey and Topthorn. Emily loves Joey and Topthorn just as Albert loved Joey, healing all their wounds and feeding them every night. Then a fight ensued and the Germans moved their hospital somewhere.

And Emily and her grandfather are allowed to keep Joey and Topthorn and use them for the farm. Topthorn was not raised for plow farming, but he quickly learned from Joey, who had experience on a narcotic farm.

However, German artillery moved around their farm and they took Joey and Topthorn for artillery. The two horses meet Frederich, who befriends them and tries to take care of them as much as possible. He loves Topthorn and talks about not wanting to be a soldier. Joey and Topthorn are two of the few who survived the gunfire.

 One day, after drinking water with Joey, Topthorn died of heart failure. Following the Germans, the Allies began firing, and Friedrich was killed. After seeing the Allied tanks for the first time, Joey ran in fear, wounded by a barbed wire, but managed to escape.

The Allies and the Central Powers are in an unmanned buffer zone, watching the wounded Joe and Coin overturn and the Allies win ownership. However, the friendly and peaceful minutes before they left formed a bond between the two, wondering what would happen if there was no war.

During the Allied Veterinary Allowance, Joey will be cared for by Albert. Albert works in a hospital and has a friend named David. Albert sees Joey on his old horse and responds to Albert's flute. Albert begins to take care of Joey again, as he once did. At the end of the war, two horses, David and Veterinary Hospital, were killed by a stray bullet and he became depressed because he was taking care of Albert like his father.

At the end of the battle, Major Martin announced that he wanted to auction off all the horses, despite protests from Sergeant Thunder and the rest of the military. During the auction, when Sergeant Thunder was about to lose to the butcher, an old man paid more than the butcher, revealing that he was Emily's grandfather looking for Joey.

Emily's grandfather told Albert how Joey and Topthorn came to the farm and Emily died at the age of 15 when he lost the will to survive after taking Joey and Topthorn off the farm.

Emily's grandfather sells Joey to Albert at a cheap price instead of telling people about him so he doesn't just get the name of a tomb that no one reads. Albert and Joey return to England. There they live in peace and meet Joey Albert's Majesty.

War Horse book review :

The book that inspired Steven Spielberg's Hollywood blockbuster movie and an internationally acclaimed stage show ... it could only be Michael Morpurgo's War Horse. In the deadly chaos of World War I, a horse witnessed the reality of war from both sides of the trench.

Boiled by artillery, shooting riders from behind, Joey tells a powerful story of true friendship surviving terrible times. The bedlam of war began. The people around me were weeping and falling to the ground, and the horses were rearing and screaming in fear and anguish.

The bullets were roaring overhead and every explosion seemed like an earthquake to us. A horse has seen the best and worst of humanity. The power of war and the beauty of peace. This is his story. Former children’s laureate and award-winning author, Michael Morpurgo has written nearly 100 books for children, many of them war stories.

But no one has become as famous as War Horse. Inspired by a long-running stage show and a box office film directed by Steven Spielberg, War Horse has become an international sensation. Read the book that started it all; Stunning wartime classic.

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