Check out my     Divergent  book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.Divergent is a 2014 film directed by Neil Burger.The film, starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James and set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future, is the film adaptation of the 2011 novel of the same name written by Veronica Roth, the first book of a trilogy.


Divergent  book

 Divergent  book summary

In an unspecified post-apocalyptic future, to keep the peace, the inhabitants of the city of Chicago (which is now bounded by high walls to defend against an indefinite external threat), depending on their character, are framed in five different factions:

    Disinterested (they lead a simple and disinterested life and, for this behavior, they are in command of the government);
    Peaceful (they believe in happiness and harmony and are engaged in the production of food for the population);
    Candids (they pursue honesty and truth and for this they are entrusted to the courts and the law);
    Intrepid (with a courageous and reckless character, they are the protectors of the city);
    Scholars (they pursue logic and knowledge, they are teachers, scientists and doctors, they are dedicated to research and culture).

Every Chicago resident is born into their parents' faction, but at the age of sixteen they are asked to choose which faction to belong to based on their preferences. Young people are helped in this choice by an aptitude test which takes place the day before the Ceremony of Choice. Despite this, the 16-year-olds have the possibility to freely choose their faction, regardless of the outcome of the test, but once made the choice is final. Those who are then expelled from the elected faction because they are considered unsuitable become part of the Excluded, a class of marginalized poor.

Beatrice Prior is a 16-year-old born and raised in a family of Abnegates, but she has always admired the Dauntless. The Abnegants, often referred to by other factions as the Rigid ones, hold the power. Beatrice's father, Andrew Prior, sits on the city council and works with Marcus Eaton, the head of government.

Beatrice's aptitude test is done by a woman named Tori, part of the Dauntless faction. The outcome of Beatrice's test is inconclusive: the girl turns out to be suitable for more than one faction. The very rare people who achieve this are called Divergents. Divergents are seen as uncontrollable, unaligned and therefore destabilizing people in this rigidly biased society to keep the peace, so they are physically eliminated. Tori helps Beatrice avoid death by hiding the test result and then advises her to keep it a secret from everyone forever, even her parents.

At the Ceremony of the Choice of the faction, Beatrice chooses the Dauntless, while her brother Caleb, to the amazement of all, chooses the Erudites. Scholars have long been in conflict with the Abnegation because, as more intelligent, they feel they must be the head of the government.

Beatrice, soon after the Dauntless initiation, takes the new name Tris and begins her training. New members of this faction will have to pass two training modules, one physical and one mental, based on which they will have a score. At the end of each module, the last one in the ranking, according to a new rule, will become Excluded.

Tris encounters many difficulties during physical training and always finds herself among the last classified; Additionally, Eric, a leader of the Dauntless faction, appears to be particularly angry with her. At the last moment, however, she brilliantly wins a flag-stealing military drill that allows her to climb the ranks just enough to avoid becoming an Outcast. Meanwhile, a strong attraction arises between her and Quattro, her instructor.

During mental training, in which initiates have to overcome their fears in a virtual reality created by some computers, Tris proves to be far superior to all. Quattro therefore understands that Tris is a Divergent (since they are the only ones who have the ability to understand that what they live in the simulations is not real) but, instead of reporting her to the authorities, he helps her to mask her nature and teaches her to behave like a true Dauntless would do. As the final exam approaches, Quattro also reveals his real name: Tobias Eaton, son of Marcus. Later, the two young men start a love affair. It will later be revealed that Quattro is also a Divergent.

Immediately after the final test, which Tris passes her becoming a true Dauntless, Quattro warns her and tells her that there has long been a bond of interdependence between the Dauntless and the Erudites. The leader of the Erudites, Jeanine Matthews, forces all the Dauntless to be injected with a tracking device which, in reality, turns out to be a cognitive transmitter in injectable form. Tris soon discovers that all the Dauntless, due to the injection, have become obedient automatons, held without their will, designed to kill all the Abnegates and thus have the Erudites take command of the city government.

Being Three of a Kind and Four of the Divergents, the serum doesn't work on them. While the Abnegates are killed, Tris tries to foil Jeanine's plan with the help of Quattro, her brother Caleb, who has since left the Scholars, and her parents, who will sacrifice their lives to protect her, not before her. about her about her about her about her about her what about her about her about her about her mother about her about her revealed that she originally belonged to the Dauntless faction and the fact that she too is a Divergent.

After discovering the whereabouts of the power plant that the Erudites use to control the Dauntless minds, Tris enters it, finds Jeanine and forces her to cancel the mind control that made the Dauntless killers of the Abnegants.

Eventually Tris, Four, Marcus, Caleb, and Peter (an initiate of the Dauntless, a nemesis of Tris that she was forced to spare, however) escape on a train to an unknown destination.

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