Check out my Life After Life book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. "Life After Life" is Kate Atkinson's first fantasy novel in the "Todd Family" series, first published on April 2, 2013 by Little, Brown & Company.

Life After Life

It was translated and published in Ukrainian. In 2018 by the publishing house "Nash Format" (translated by Yaroslav Strekha).

Life After Life book summary :

This genre of unusual work can be conditionally defined as "alternative historical psychological prose." The novel has an unusual structure that repeats itself over and over again to describe the alternate possible life of its main character Ursula Todd.

It all started when, in November 1930, a girl entered a coffee shop in Munich, hiding her father's old and heavy service revolver in her bag. And kills the Fuhrer of the future from him. Or not? Ursula pressed the hook. It's getting dark. "

Shortly thereafter, the plot of Ursula's birth in 1910 returned to the Todd family home. Her navel is wrapped around her neck. The family physician, Dr. Fellows, could not attend due to heavy snowfall and the Ursula baby died when no one could find suitable scissors to free him.

 "A little heart. A helpless little heart beats wildly. And then - a stop, unexpected, like the fall of a bird. A single shot. Darkness descended." But Ursula has another chance, and the story takes a different path: this time Dr. Fellows is there, he opens the umbilical cord, everything ends well, and Ursula can meet her first spring.

This is an example of a story line in a novel - there are many deaths or situations where death is inevitable, but you are given another life, one more chance and the story goes on. In the next iteration of his life, Ursula again drowns in the sea as a child, or survives and falls from the roof while trying to catch a fallen doll.

There are several other sequences where he fell victim to the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which occurred repeatedly, although Ursula has already predicted it and his fourth attempt to prevent the flu has been successful.

Every life of Ursula is filled with unfortunate circumstances, she has endured rape, pregnancy and illegal abortion and is finally stuck in a very abusive marriage and is killed by an abusive husband when she tries to escape. In later life, he resists it by becoming prematurely aggressive towards future abusers.

Meanwhile, he uses the semi-soft memories of his previous life to prevent the rape and murder of Nancy, the girl next door, who will be helpful in Ursula's later life, building a deep love affair with her brother Teddy and becoming the chief. The protagonist of the sequel "God's Ruins".

What remains unclear, since the sequence of each period ends with Ursula's "darkness" and death and does not reveal what happens next, is whether all this life actually happened in the objective world or was experienced only subjectively by him.

In particular, did the assassination of Adolf Hitler in 1930 really lead to a change in the timeline when the Nazis did not come to power in Germany. Or maybe they came to power with another leader and had a different outcome of World War II. Although his 1967 incarnation Ursula had this “maybe” with his nephew, the book avoids giving a clear answer.

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