Check out my Oryx and Crake book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Oryx and Crake is a 2003 novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. He described the novel as speculative fiction and adventure romance, rather than pure science fiction.

Because it doesn't deal with the "we still can't or won't start" issues, it goes beyond the amount of realism he engages with. With novel form. It focuses on a lonely character named Snowman, who finds himself in a dark situation with only creatures called crackers to keep company.

Oryx and Crake

 The reader can learn about his past, as a boy named Jimmy, and the genetic experimentation and pharmaceutical engineering that took place under Jimmy's equivalent, Glenn "Crack."

The book was first published by McClelland and Stuart. It was shortlisted for the 2003 Man Booker Prize for Fiction, as well as the 2004 Orange Prize for Fiction. Oryx and Crake are the first in the MaddAddam trilogy, followed by The Year of the Flood (2009) and MaddAddam (2013).

Oryx and Crake book summary :

Jimmy, the protagonist of the Orix and Creek novel (whose title hints at two endangered animal species: Orix beisa, a long-horned African antelope, and Creek, an Australian red-necked crane), is a trained advertising executive in the late 21st century.

 Prior to the catastrophe of the universe, he worked for a biogenetic-pharmaceutical company that conducted top-secret research on privileged conditions at the elite laboratory Paradise, isolated from the environment. Since the disaster, Jimmy has survived, life-threatening, wounded, and running, once on the outskirts of the New York area, which in the current storyline is mostly flooded after the polar ice melts.

Jimmy, as far as he knows, the only survivor in his area - even globally - is a global plague that spread about three months before the current one, which his former school friend Crack, a brilliant biogeneticist at Paradise Laboratory, deliberately draws into the world and a lifestyle called BlyssPluss. Brought (roughly: "Mega-One") to run-down metropolises across all continents.

Creek did this because, given the global eco-catastrophe of climate change, overpopulation, scarcity of resources and food, and species depletion, Homo sapiens saw an opportunity only for the remaining plants and animals on Earth when it became extinct.

From him. That's why Crack secretly created not only plague pathogens in his laboratory - designed for simultaneous outbreaks - but also a transgenic human race, whose specimens were called crackers during his lifetime, even by those closest to him.

Crackers are not only able to withstand the conditions associated with plague and climate change - for example UV-enriched solar radiation that is no longer filtered by the ozone layer - Makes it impossible to coexist peacefully and environmentally with other worldly life:

Above all, the human instinct for self-preservation and conservation of species, which has gone beyond the need for species conservation and has already become destructive, but the fear of death, including religiosity, as well as the thirst for knowledge, the struggle for property and the desire for animal things in the form of meat or fish. A new breed of peace-loving, gentle and (at least initially) simple-minded vegetarian, Crack clearly expected,

Will ensure the long-term survival of the world’s ecosystem, after Homo sapiens sapiens was able to greatly increase biodiversity in the last days. In the forty thousand years of its existence, two hundred and gradually worsened the living conditions of all living things on the planet, a process that would soon lead to the complete collapse of the world ecosystem.

Now Crack is dead, shooting Jimmy at the moment when Crack wanted to return to the high-security lab from the last position "out" immediately after the plague outbreak, but when he returns, apparently for no reason, kills their boyfriend, Asian woman Orix, in Jimmy's eyes. On the front, whom Crack used to lead the plague outbreak in months and years - unintentionally - as a promoter and dealer of BlissPlus, as well as his Crakers as a "culture trainer".

Being vegetatively dull in the current post-disaster action, Jimmy took plenty of leisure time to reflect on the events of his current existence.

The Central Continental lowlands of the Americas never stopped when the Asian Steps turned into a sandy desert and the meat became harder and harder to come by. " And with his parents - both saw biogenetics at one of the GM companies.

A cheetah where infected cattle were being burned. From here, Jimmy's memoirs largely follow his fictional biography, covering his school days - the time he befriended Creek - his college days and the first years of his professional life, eventually leading an advertising executive in Creek's lab.

In the present moment after the disaster, Jimmy has made it his mission to continue working on Orix Life related to crack and cracker. He is called a "snowman" by them and is revered as a kind of prophet because - as Cracker once learned before "release" - he was a confidant of Crack and Orix, and can explain many of the events that Crackers himself was associated with.

His childish intellect cannot explain it. Jimmy "Snowman" realizes that his lack of livelihood will sooner or later lead to starvation and because of this - and somehow he sees no future for himself - he considers suicide at some point, but it is against his will.

To survive, he allows. Temporarily freeing himself, Cracker embarks on an expedition to the ruins of Paradise Research Lab, a multi-day journey from which he hopes to keep gear, medicine, food and most importantly weapons. Hun owl and limb pig - a breed of Gulf transgenic animals.

 Before the epidemic, biogenetics, like many other animals, were commercially produced and used by corporations: Hun Elves, for example, who were covered in the outer part of a hug dog because of their frantic aggression, organ donors for human transplant organs.

Both nations have become dangerous because they are fairly intelligent predators in the aftermath of a disaster, which is why Jimmy has to cut down a tree every night: only then can he feel safe from these new enemies.

Jimmy finds what he's looking for in the wreckage of the lab, but on his way back to Crackers he meets three more plague survivors. The novel ends with Jimmy openly deciding whether to contact him or eliminate him as a threat to his enemies and crackers.

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