Check out my She: A History of Adventure book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. He is a novel by British author Sir Henry Ryder Haggard. The book was first published in 1886 under the title She - A History of Adventure and is one of the best-selling books of all time, with 83 million copies in more than 44 languages.

She: A History of Adventure
The book has been filmed many times since 1908, but the most well-known screen versions are 1935's Shi, starring Helen Gahagan as the title character, and 1965's Desert Ruler, Peter Cushing and Ursula Andres.

She: A History of Adventure book summary :

The first person narrator of the novel, Ludwig Horace Holly, is a Cambridge private scholar. To fulfill the last wish of her only friend Vinci, she takes her minor son Leo to live with her. At the same time, Holly is instructed to open a specific suitcase on Leo's 25th birthday and to travel to Africa if Leo wants after opening the suitcase and inspecting the contents. Holly hires a servant job to help Leo grow up.

When Holly, Leo and Job now open the suitcase on the appointed day, they find, among other things, a potsherd on which the legend of the Egyptian priest Calicrates, from whom the Vinci family is descended. Calicrates fled in 339 BC. With Princess Amenartes, who loved him, from Egypt.

Their ship sank off an estuary off the coast of Southeast Africa. Calicrates and Amenartes were rescued by locals who took them to their white queen. The queen fell in love with Calicrates, who liked Amenartes. The queen jealously stabs Clicretis when he returns her.

For 25 generations now, the male descendants of Calicut have been trying to avenge the Queen. Leo, Holly and Job travel to Africa to find out how true the legend is and hunt big games at the same time.

Their ship is stuck in the same place where Calicrates' ship landed. Leo, Holly, Job and Hellman Mahmoud survive the sinking. They travel inland on the river in lifeboats. When the boat got stuck in the swamp, they were rescued, in half, by members of the Amahagar people, a man who, according to Calicrates, had put a pot on the heads of strangers.

The rescued were released on the orders of their all-seeing queen, but the gentleman was killed in a massacre which Amahagar later tried to put a red-hot pot on his head to eat. According to the order, Leo, Holly and Job are brought before the queen, who lives in the hole and wall of the extinct volcano in her palace.

Queen Ayesha (pronounced Ayesha) is a woman of unusual beauty. She wraps her body and face in loose clothing and hides behind a curtain because the men who see her exposed become hopelessly addicted to her. When Ayesha and Leo first meet, they fall in love.

 Ayesha is the queen who stabbed Clicretis more than 2000 years ago. She lived with unchanging beauty because she was once bathed in the flame of tangible life force. He thinks of Leo Calicrates as a reincarnation, because he is like the width of a hair with his ancestors.

Ayesha and Leo want to get married and go to England. Before that, Leo and Holly should also take a bath to learn and prolong their lives as a result. The flame is located in a cave outside the palace and can be reached only after crossing a dangerous canyon. The board that crossed the gorge was thrown into the abyss in fear as it crossed.

Before Leo and Holly, Ayesha also bathed in the flames. He wants to show them that bathing is safe for them. After bathing, however, he died a few hundred years old in a matter of minutes before the eyes of his companions. Job then was shocked and died. Holly and Leo returned to England without bathing in the fire.

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