Check out my The Eagle Has Landed book summary and review that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The Eagle Has Landed is a 1975 novel by British author Jack Higgins. In 1991, The Eagle Has Escaped was published as a sequel.

The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed book summary :

After the German paratroopers freed Benito Mussolini from captivity as part of Operation Aish, Adolf Hitler's idea was to leverage against the British to kidnap Winston Churchill. He commissioned Admiral Canaris, head of German counterintelligence, to examine the feasibility of such an initiative and to draw up a corresponding plan.

Canaris commissioned Colonel Riddle to carry out the plan, but hoped that Hitler would forget the whole thing, but feared that Henrik would support Himmler's operation. Unlike Canaris, Riddle believes the initiative is effective. He is already in contact with the English coastal town of Stadley Constable, where Churchill plans to see a strategy soon beyond his authority.

He already has two people who can be considered for the company. One is Colonel Kurt Steiner, commander of a paratroop regiment who ends up with his men in a punitive unit after helping a Jewish woman escape. The other is Liam Devlin, an Irish freedom fighter who is currently lecturing at a university in Berlin.

Himmler is enthusiastic about Raddle's commitment to prepare for Operation Adler and hands him a power of attorney signed by Hitler personally, which gives Raddle a free hand in the matter. Steiner and his men disguised as Polish paratroopers and landed on the English coast.

Under their camouflage, they wear their German uniforms, which soon become their undoing: During a camouflage tactic, a soldier in the Steiner unit rescues a child who falls into a stream and threatens to get caught in a mill wheel. The uniform tear opens and the Wehrmacht uniform below is visible. The priest, who is watching the strategy, is also shocked by the incident.

Steiner immediately brought all the visitors to the church and held them captive there. A young woman dating an American soldier secretly enters her car through the back door and informs a friend that she has turned out to be an accomplice and is trying to kill him. It fails because he only shoots them. With her last energy, the young woman arrives at an American base in her car.

A U.S. unit assigned to Stadley Constable tried to thwart the operation and surrounded the church where Steiner and his men were hiding. After almost all the Germans in the church were killed, Steiner tried to approach Churchill on his own.

At the last moment, when the two men finally confronted each other, he hesitated and was shot dead by the PM's bodyguards. It turns out later that the man he was facing was not Winston Churchill, but an actor. According to historical documents, the real Churchill is on a visit to Tehran at this time. Liam Devlin and Lieutenant Newman can go safely in a speedboat.

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