Check out my The Foundation Trilogy book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.The foundation of two of them precedes the chronology of the described world). In 1966, the trilogy received a special Hugo Award for "Best Series of All Time" . Readers of Locus magazine named the series one of the top 10 science fiction novels of all time.

The Foundation Trilogy book


The founding begins in the Galactic Empire, a superpower spanning the entire Milky Way. The mathematician Seldon, with the help of the science of "psychohistory" developed by him, predicts the inevitable fall of the Empire and the onset of the dark ages.

Seldon creates the Foundation - an organization that, in accordance with the "plan of Seldon", designed for a thousand years ahead, must preserve and revive civilization. The famous History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776–1788) by the English historian Edward Gibbon served as the prototype for the main trilogy.

In later novels, Asimov connected the world of the Foundation to his other series, The Empire of Trantors and Positronic Robots. The combined cycle, which is called the "Foundation Universe" (Foundation Universe or Greater Foundation; also "Galactic History" or "History of the Future"), covers the history of mankind for more than 20 thousand years and includes 14 novels. and several dozen stories .

After the death of Isaac Asimov, other authors created an additional trilogy: G. Benford in 1997 wrote the prequel "Fear of Foundation", Greg Beer in 1998 - "Foundation and Chaos" (Foundation and Chaos), David Brin in 1999 - " Foundation and Chaos. Foundation and Chaos. Foundation and Chaos. Foundation and Chaos. Foundation and Chaos. Foundation and Chaos. Triumph". Funds (Triumph of the Fund)

 The Foundation Trilogy book summary

 The book, which is intended, firstly, to tell the background of the events of the cycle, and secondly, to connect the "Foundation" with other works - about positron robots and the Trantorian Empire. With the writing of this book, almost all the work of A. Azimov is built into a single storyline. It becomes clear, thanks to the intervention of what force, humanity, having formed the Galactic Empire, almost completely stopped its development and fell into decline.

It tells about the life of Gary Seldon and his creation of a science called "psychohistory", which statistically describes the behavior of large masses of people and predicts their further historical evolution. The time of the action of the work is the beginning of the reign of Emperor Cleon I and Prime Minister Edo Demerzel. At the end of the book, the protagonist learns Demerzel's true origin.

The great scientist Gary Seldon created the science of "psychohistory". Based on a powerful mathematical apparatus, he predicted the imminent collapse of the existing First Empire, planned and implemented a plan to create a Second Empire in the shortest possible time (1 thousand years instead of 30 thousand) after an inevitable period of complete chaos and barbarism. He created the Encyclopedist Foundation, officially commissioned to write the Galactic Encyclopedia to preserve knowledge, culture, and science in an increasingly ignorant galaxy. At the trial, he managed to convince the powerful temporary Ling Chen of this, who ordered Seldon and his supporters to go into exile on the poor distant planet Terminus.

The foundation began to realize its main goal after the falling away from the Empire of its peripheral provinces, located near Terminus. Using atomic energy, high technology, diplomatic maneuvers, the Foundation began to gradually spread energy to the surrounding star systems. Every crisis the Foundation has faced has been brilliantly predicted by Gary Seldon.

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