Check out my The Hite Report book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.Shere Hite (Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States, November 2, 1942 - Tottenham, Haringey, United Kingdom, September 9, 2020) was an American writer, novelist, sexologist, feminist, historian and essayist.

The Hite Report book

Her works on sexology have concentrated mainly on female sexuality. She got good at some of the biological studies of sex by Masters and Johnson and by Alfred Kinsey. She also references the theoretical, political, and psychological works associated with the feminist movement of the 1970s, such as Anne Koedt's Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm.

After receiving attacks on her and her work, she renounces her US citizenship in 1995 and naturalizes German.

 The Hite Report book summary

 Originally from a Missouri town, she was born to Paul Gregory and Shirley Hurt, but after her parents' divorce she took the surname of her stepfather Raymond Hite. She was then raised by her grandparents, an observant Christian couple.

After graduating from Seabreeze High Schiol in Daytona Beach, she graduated with a BA in History from the University of Florida in 1967. She began attending peace circles and then also embraced the cause of feminism,

 influenced by the battles of Ti-Grace Atkinson and Kate Miglio. She then moved to New York to pursue a Masters in Social History from Columbia University, where she also earned her doctorate.

Author of numerous essays, in 1976 she published the work that made her famous, The Hite report - a study on female sexuality, a dossier of over 500 pages with interviews with 3,500 women,

translated into fifteen languages ​​and which sold 50 millions of copies thanks also to the reprints of 1981 and 2004. The book covered many important topics such as contraception, pregnancy, abortion (towards which Hite has always declared herself in favor), sexual slavery, masturbation, lesbianism, menopause, intimate hygiene.

After the publication of the Hite Report, Playboy magazine dubbed it The Hate Report, in open controversy with the search for her. Previously there had already been friction between Hite and the magazine: during her PhD at Columbia University,

 the scholar had posed naked for the Olivetti commercial, and Playboy had commented with the provocative words "the typewriter is smart., he doesn't need to be. " Hite joined the feminist protests that followed.

Since 1995 Shere Hite has lived dividing itself between Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan: she taught in Chiyoda at Nihon University. She was also a lecturer at Chongqing University in the Chinese city of the same name and at Maimonides University in North Miami Beach in Florida.

You have collaborated with many European newspapers: among other things, you have been writing a column on IO Donna for some time.

Shere Hite died in September 2020, aged 77, disabled from Parkinson's disease, which was later joined by Alzheimer's disease. [

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