Check out my Vampire Hunter D book summary and review      that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.Vampire Hunter D (バンパイアハンターD lit. Vampire Hunter D?) is a novel series created by Hideyuki Kikuchi, with designs and illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano. These novels have become very famous in Japan since Kikuchi published the first one in 1983, which has already had countless reissues in Japan.

Vampire Hunter D book

To date, twenty-six novels have been published in the main series; some novels span up to four volumes. The series has also been adapted into anime, radio drama, manga, Western comic book adaptations, a video game, as well as a collection of short stories, art books, and a companion guide.

Specifically, the first movie, released in 1985, was based on the first book and had the title Vampire Hunter D (just like the novel). Until the year 2000, no other adaptations of Vampire Hunter D were made into anime. This new movie, directed by Madhouse, was called Vampire Hunter D 2000 in Japan, while in the US and Europe it was called Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

In 2005, the first official English translation of Kikuchi's novels arrived in the United States, but only eight of the seventeen he wrote have been published.

Currently, thanks to the Dolmen publishing house, a series of comics based on Kikuchi's novels are being published in Spain. The illustrations of these comics were in charge of Saiko Takaki, chosen as illustrator by Kikuchi himself to adapt his novels to manga.


 Vampire Hunter D book summary

 Set in the distant future, the novels narrate the adventures of D, a damphiro (being half human and half vampire), a serious and calm man who wears black armor, a hat and a sword. In his left hand lives a parasitic being called Symbiote with whom he talks,

 and who tells him what he has to do at certain points, in addition to eating his enemies (ie, his energy). From the beginning of the plot, it is known that D is the only illegitimate son of the king and god of vampires (Dracula).

He dreams of a post-nuclear Earth in the distant future, living adventures that combine elements of pulp genres: western, science fiction, Lovecraftian terror and horror, high fantasy, folklore and occult science. The planet, once terrorized by elegant but cruel nobles (vampires),

 ancient demons, mutants, and their technological creations, is now slowly returning to a kind of human order and control, thanks in part to the decadence that brought about the fall. from the race of vampires, to the continued stubbornness of the frontiersmen and the rise of a caste of independent hunters for hire who eliminate supernatural threats.

Sometime in 1999, a nuclear war occurred. The nobility was made up of vampires who planned a possible nuclear war and confiscated in their havens everything necessary to rebuild civilization. They use their science combined with magic to restore the world in their image. Almost all magical creatures are designed and a very small number are demons that survived the nuclear holocaust.

 Even though their technology is great enough to create a blood substitute for food, they still prefer to feed on humans. As such, they create a civilization where vampires and humans co-exist, eventually turning the planet into parks and cities.

 Society eventually stagnates as vampiric technology perfects scientific prophecy, determining that they are at the zenith of their existence and thus doomed to fall, overthrown by the humans. The human race is also transformed at this time, with the fear of vampires becoming intertwined with their genetics and the inability to remember vampire weaknesses like garlic and crucifixes.

Unlike traditional vampires, nobility have the ability to reproduce sexually, though their offspring permanently stop aging after reaching physical maturity, having inherited immortality from their vampire parents.

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