Check out my World Almanac book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. The World Almanac (English The World Almanac and Book of Facts) is an annual American reference publication and is the world's best-selling almanac.

It includes information on various topics: important events, tragedies, sports milestones, etc. The almanac can be found in homes, libraries, educational centers, businesses, and newspaper outlets in the United States and to a more limited degree in other parts of the world. world. world. world. world. world. world. world.


World Almanac book

It has been published annually since 1868.1 The 2010 edition (ISBN 978-1-60057-123-7) had 1,008 pages.

From 1954 to 2017, the book had a Spanish version under the name Almanaque Mundial edited by Editorial Televisa de México, a company that acquired the exclusive rights for Latin America. While the US edition has a total of 1,008 pages, the Mexican one has 609. This version was discontinued in 2017 due to the economic problems that the publisher was going through; its last edition was that of 2018, published in 2017.

World Almanac book summary

The first edition of The World Almanac was published by The New York World newspaper in 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

In 1876 publication stopped, but resumed in 1886.1 In 1894 the name changed to The World Almanac and Encyclopedia. In 1906, the New York Times, reporting the publication of the twentieth edition, said that "the almanac has gained a secure footing, second only to Whitaker's forty-year London Almanac, with which only two

Between the late 19th century and 1934, the New York World building featured prominently on the cover of the almanac. In 1923, the name of the publication changed to its current name: The World Almanac and Book of Facts.

US President Calvin Coolidge's father read The World Almanac when he swore his son into office.1 Since then, photographs have shown that Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton have also used it as a resource. 1

The New York World merged with Scripps, the city's telegram company, to form the New York World-Telegram in 1931. The Almanac survived the World-Telegram's demise in 1966.

In late December 1984, the 1985 edition reached number one in the "Pocket Tip", "How To", and "Miscellaneous Books" categories on the New York Times bestseller list, with over 1,760. 000 copies. sold.3

The first version of the video game Where is Carmen Sandiego?, published in 1985 for the Apple II computer in 1985, was included with the purchase of the World Almanac that year.4

The World Almanac for Children has been published annually since 1995.

In 1993, Scripps sold the Almanac to the magazine company K-III Communications (later called Primedia). The World Almanac was later sold to Ripplewood Holdings' WRC Media in 1999. Ripplewood purchased Reader's Digest, and the book was subsequently produced by the World Almanac Education Group, which was owned by The Reader's Digest Association. .

Ultimately, The World Almanac was sold to Infobase Publishing in 2009.

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