Check out my Clockwork Angel book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.Shadowhunter - Origins: The Angel is an urban fantasy book written by Cassandra Clare and was published in English on August 31, 2010, in Italian in 2011. It is the first book in the Shadowhunters - The Origins saga.


Clockwork Angel book

 Clockwork Angel book summary

 May 1878. After Aunt Harriet's death, orphaned 16-year-old Tessa Gray moves from New York to London to live with her older brother Nate, who had moved there a few years earlier for work.

 Once she disembarks, however, the girl is picked up by Miss Dark and Miss Black, the Dark Sisters, who lock her up and threaten to kill Nate if she Tessa doesn't do everything they want. During her imprisonment, the girl discovers that she has the power to transform herself into who she wants by simply touching an object that belonged to that person.

Six weeks later, the night Tessa is supposed to be handed over to the mysterious Magister, the leader of the Dark Sisters, a boy named William Herondale breaks into the prison and frees her: Will is a Shadowhunter,

 a Nephilim who takes care of protecting humans (worldly ) from demons and Downworlders (i.e. partially supernatural beings such as witches, vampires, werewolves, and fairies) and accidentally finds Tessa investigating another girl's death.

Will takes Tessa to the Shadowhunters headquarters, the London Institute run by Charlotte Branwell and her husband Henry. Here the girl meets Jem Carstairs (Hunter), with whom she immediately establishes a beautiful friendship,

 Jessamine Lovelace (another Huntress) and Sophie Collins (maid of the Institute), also offers the information in her possession on the Dark Sisters in exchange for help finds his brother Nate.

Axel Mortmain, Nate's employer aware of the existence of the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders, confesses to Charlotte and Henry that the boy has left to go to work for De Quincey, head of a powerful vampire clan and a prominent member of Pandemonium. . . . . . . . . Club, an organization of worldly people interested in the magical arts, and that De Quincey himself is the Magister.

During a party at the vampire's house, to which Tessa shows up in disguise with Will, the Hunters discover that De Quincey is building automatons (mechanical devices with human features) to which they attach demonic energy, to create their own army.

 In the ensuing slaughter, vampire De Quincey manages to escape, but Tessa finds Nate and takes him to the Institute for Treatment. That same evening, Tessa and Will, in the attic, kiss, but soon after he pushes her back badly.

A few days later, recovering from the bad experience, Nate informs the Hunters that the Dark Sisters, discovered to be two witches, have found the spell to bind the demons to the automatons and that the ritual will be performed the same evening,

with a full Moon. The information turns out to be a diversion when, taking advantage of the absence of all the Hunters, Axel Mortmain shows up at the Institute to kidnap Tessa, revealing that he is the real Magister.

Tessa is shocked by her brother's betrayal, who also killed Aunt Harriet, but she manages to escape from Mortmain by faking suicide. The Magister, on the other hand, takes a Pyxis from the Institute, a box that contains the demonic energies.

After that tragic night, Tessa can stay at the Institute but, when she tells Will, the boy is indifferent to the news and treats her roughly.


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