Check out my Hush, Hush book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book. Hush, Hush is the first volume in the literary series of the same name, written by American author Becca Fitzpatrick. It was published on October 13, 2009. The Hush, Hush saga tells of the love that develops between Nora Gray (who also gives the perspective from which the entire story is narrated) and Patch Cipriano (a fallen angel). Upon publication, the book became a New York Times bestseller. Ediciones B was the publisher in charge of its publication in Spain and Latin America.

Hush, Hush book


 Hush, Hush book summary

 Nora Gray is a model sophomore who lives with her mother on the outskirts of Coldwater (fictional town located in Maine, USA). Months ago, her father died after being mugged in Portland, and she has been attending sessions with the school therapist ever since. Her best friend is Vee Sky, although her personalities are completely different.

 Her life goes on as normal until her Biology teacher reassigns her seats and she has to sit with the mysterious Patch Cipriano, who has been failing that subject for the third time. On their first meeting, Nora is surprised, as Patch seems to know a lot of private things about her, but at the same time is inexplicably attracted to him. A few days later, Nora accidentally runs over a man in a balaclava who then, apparently unharmed, bends over and almost breaks Vee's car door with his bare hands. She later runs into her friend, totally freaked out, but realizes the door is intact.

Nora and Vee accidentally meet Elliot and Jules, two friends who show an interest in them. Elliot repeatedly reaches out to Nora, who also tries to feel that way, because she wants Patch out of her mind. Along with Vee, they agree to go out with them to Delphic Amusement Park, but she Nora separates from the group to go buy some cotton candy,

 where she meets Patch. He convinces her to ride the newly renovated roller coaster, the Archangel. He offers her a bet: if she manages to survive without yelling her flight, she will ask the Biology teacher to change her seat, since she has not been successful with her request. But if Nora screams, she'll have to give her friends an excuse and spend the rest of the night with Patch. They both get on the ride,

but it turns into a disaster when Nora falls out of the car they're in. Finally, she opens her eyes and realizes that her fall was part of her imagination and that she was by Patch's side the whole time. weather. climate. heated. heated. This event, added to the previous nights with the man in the balaclava, begin to annoy Nora and make her doubt her sanity.

She then unsuccessfully tries to find Vee and the others in the park, leaving her with no choice but to let Patch drive her home. Once there, she offers to cook, but is scared of Nora because of the size of the knife she uses. While doing the dishes, they have a sudden moment of affection where they almost kiss, but are interrupted by Nora's mother calling.

Nora has a growing connection with Patch. He takes her on a date to Bo's Lounge, where she often plays pool, and introduces her to her only best friend, Rixon. Patch has a prank fight with him, during which she takes off her shirt and Nora visualizes an inverted V-shaped scar on her back.

This amazes her, but after a while she stops thinking about it in her head. Nora begins to change her mind about Patch, especially after meeting Rixon. At the same time, she grows suspicious of Elliot, discovering that he was investigated just a few months ago in Portland for the death of his ex-girlfriend.

Vee and Nora go shopping, but Nora sees a boy that she senses is following her. Vee comes up with a plan and puts on Nora's jacket to get out of her and check if someone is really after her. On the way, she suffers a brutal attack by this individual, who was also wearing a balaclava, which increases Nora's fears.

Although Vee believes that the person behind the mask is Patch since everything she remembers points to him, something in Nora knows that Patch is not responsible for the events, but she distrusts Elliot.

Nora takes a trip to Elliot's old school in Portland to learn more about him and his relationship with the death of his ex-girlfriend, but she doesn't get much out of it. After Vee calls her saying that she was at a party with Elliot (whom she was already very afraid of) and Jules, she is quickly shooed away by Nora, but in the middle of that a bum takes her jacket and hat. .

her as a price for her. tell. the way. Minutes later, she is shot dead, which worries Nora as the homeless woman was wearing her jacket and she believes whoever did it was targeting her. Terrified, she calls Patch, who comes from her and takes her away, but on the way home the car stops and due to the storm, they have no choice but to stay in a motel and wait for her to stop. In the room, the two begin to grow closer, until Nora touches Patch's scar, and in doing so delves deeper into past memories of her.

 All of this leads to the revelation that Patch is actually a fallen angel who tried to kill her because he longed for a human body, and that was the only way to obtain it. Nora's death would in turn kill Patch's Nephilim vassal, Chauncey Langeais, turning Patch into a human. Patch explains that the fallen angels cannot physically feel anything and that the only way to do so is by possessing the body of his Nephilim vassal in the Jewish month of Cheshvan.

The Nephilim are immortal beings descended from the cross between fallen angels and humans, and when they turn 16 they are persecuted by the fallen angels to make them swear allegiance in order to possess their bodies. Nora also finds out that Patch has an ex-girlfriend named Dabria, who is an angel of death and was posing as Dr. Greene, the new school psychologist to manipulate Nora away from Patch.

 Nora sees in Patch's memories Dabria, who reveals to Patch that if he wants to be an angel again, he must save Nora (who predicts that he will kill her), to become her guardian angel. Dabria actually suggests this to him because she believes that if he goes back to being an angel, they will get back together. Finally, Patch confesses to Nora that he changed his mind about killing her because he had fallen in love with her.

After leaving the motel and arriving at her house, Nora meets up with Dabria, who tells her that she was behind Vee's attack and put ideas into her head to make her think it was Patch, and that he wants to kill her to prevent her from destroying him. Do it. destroying it. Do it. destroying it. Do it. destroying it. Do it. destroying it. Do it. destroying it. Do it. destroying it. her to destroy Vee. Patch does it first and becomes human.

 He also explains that the birthmark Nora has on her left wrist is proof that she is descended from a Nephilim, more precisely Patch's vassal, and that in order to kill a Nephilim one must sacrifice one of Patch's descendants. Patch. she. of her once. . Once she turns 16. Although this matches what Patch told her at the motel, Nora doubts her. After a chase through the house, she is suddenly saved by Patch, who chases after Dabria and rips her wings off of her.

Later, Nora gets a call from Vee, who tells her that she, along with Jules and Elliot, broke into the school and asks her to come too. She initially refuses, as she is deeply terrified of being stuck at school with Elliot, but he hints that she will kill Vee if she doesn't participate. Despite Patch trying to get her to stay in the car while he finds Vee, Nora goes after them. She soon discovers Jules's motionless body, assuming that Elliot killed him. She then finds Elliot in the library, injured and unable to move.

 This confuses her a lot, until she is cornered by Jules, who is alive, and confesses that he was behind the attempts on her life, as a way of getting back at Patch for possessing her body, confessing that he was behind the attempts on her life. his life. the life of him. The life of her. his life. The life of her. The life of her. behind the attacks. . . against her life. The life of her. This is Chauncey. The game turns deadlier after Jules escapes, until she gets to the point of confronting him at gunpoint.

Nora fights Jules while Patch tries to distract him, but this method fails and Patch is forced to possess Nora's body to fight him. The process renders Patch unconscious upon reverting to his own body, as it is not the month of Cheshvan and he theoretically cannot do that.

Trying to escape, Nora climbs some stairs, trying to reach the rafters of the school gym with the goal of reaching the ventilation shaft, but is put to the test when Jules uses a mind trick to make her believe that the stairs are breaking. . . . . . . and she will fall to her death. Patch manages to help her by talking about her through her mind, stating that he just has to trust that the stairs are in perfect condition. After climbing her up, she comes face to face with Jules in the rafters.

Jules threatens her with the gun while he is stranded on the roof, but Nora evades her attack by explaining that if she sacrifices herself, he will die too, since they are her relatives. Nora takes advantage of the few seconds that Jules ponders this information and launches herself from the rafters, effectively killing him.

Suddenly, Nora wakes up alive and well, and once again confronts Patch. He explains to her that although the sacrifice killed Jules, he rejected it for himself and gave up on becoming human. In this way, Patch saves Nora's life, becoming her guardian angel and her boyfriend.

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