Check out my Memoirs of a Geisha book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.Memoirs of a Geisha is a 2005 film directed by Rob Marshall, based on the Arthur Golden novel of the same name and produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. In 2006 he won three Oscars.

Memoirs of a Geisha book

Memoirs of a Geisha book summary

Japan, 1929. In a small fishing village, nine-year-old Chiyo Sakamoto and her older sister Satsu are sold by their father to an intermediary named Tanaka following a serious illness affecting their mother. . Satsu is sold to a brothel, while Chiyo is sold to Nitta okiya, a house for geishas.

In the okiya, little Chiyo meets the only active geisha, the beautiful but cruel Hatsumomo. He also knows the other three occupants of the house: the "Grandmother", an elderly retired geisha, the "Mother", who is also the hostess and the "Auntie", the mother's "older sister" and unique in her parents. parents. parents.

 gestures. kind to Chiyo. As "elder sister", guide and companion of misfortunes, she is entrusted with a little girl who, for her round and sweet face, is called Pumpkin; with her Chiyo will go to dance, music, cha no yu and geisha poise school.

Because of her gray-blue eyes, Chiyo has great potential as a geisha, but Hatsumomo cannot tolerate rivals and uses her status as the main okiya geisha to mistreat Chiyo, eventually forcing her to swear obedience to her in exchange for she. address of the brothel. where her sister Satsu was staying. This pact allows Hatsumomo to use Chiyo to damage a rival geisha,

 Mameha, from whom she steals a precious kimono; in the name of the severe pact, Hatsumomo pushes the child to ruin the kimono and bring it back, thus assuming the blame for the crime. Once he knows the address of her sister, the girl runs to meet her and together they make plans to escape from her, but during her escape Chiyo falls from a roof; she is thus discovered and brought back to the okiya, where she undergoes medical treatment.

The "Mother" severely punishes Chiyo, degrading her from the condition of maiko to that of a humble servant destined for her performance more degrading than her. Satsu manages to escape, but the two sisters will never see each other again.

A chance encounter on a bridge between little Chiyo and an elegant man, accompanied by two geishas, ​​changes Chiyo's life forever. After offering her a cone of sweet ice, the man gives her some money. Struck by her polite and disinterested ways,

 Chiyo decides not to spend the money received but to donate it to the temple expressing the desire to one day become a geisha too, realizing that this was the only way to approach the general manager.

Her dream begins to come true when, several years later, Mameha herself visits the okiya to discuss the possibility of training Chiyo as a geisha. Having officially become "maiko", that is, an apprentice geisha, Chiyo becomes Mameha's "little sister" and her protégé also begins to learn the many arts of a real geisha. After a solemn ceremony Mameha gives her the name of a geisha: Sayuri.

After intense training, Mameha proposes to entertain the industrialist Nobu Toshikazu with her arts. When Sayuri finds out that the man is the assistant to the general manager, she believes she has found a way to be close to the beloved man,

 but she is only forced into brief formal meetings with him, as she Mameha assigns her to her assistant. her. her. her. her. of her of her of her of her of her of her of her of her of her of her of her of her , considered the only way to embarrass Hatsumomo and ruin her plans to harm her.

Mameha, as an expert geisha and protector of Sayuri, introduces the young woman into the environment by showing her the acquired arts: dance, conversation and tea ceremony. She immediately catches her she attention of many regulars. She opens the auction for her "mizuage", or to appropriate her virginity, sold to a certain Dr. "Crab" for 15,000 yen.

 Mameha confesses to Sayuri that the biggest offer he had made of her was her "Baron of hers", he personally damned her, but that she, being romantically fond of him, had decided to win the auction with the second. . . . best offer. . bidder. Sayuri's rapid rise leads the "Mother" to declare her "favorite daughter" and future manager of the okiya property, supplanting both Hatsumomo and Zucca.

At that time Sayuri became the most famous geisha in all of Gion (Kyoto district). Hatsumomo, blinded by her jealousy, goes to Sayuri's room to look for something that could harm the girl and there she finds the handkerchief that the General Manager had given her as a child.

Realizing Sayuri's feelings for the man, Hatsumomo apostrophes the girl, meanwhile swooping into her room, reminding her that her geisha cannot afford to feel her love for her. A fight breaks out between the two, during which an oil lamp falls to the ground causing a fire.

 As the entire okiya rushes to put out the fire and save the kimonos for his geishas, ​​Hatsumomo attempts to burn down the entire building and its occupants. Later, after the fire goes out, Hatsumomo is chased away by the "Mother" and forced to leave the okiya forever.

Sayuri's new position as Nitta Okiya's keeper and Gion's most famous geisha, however, will be short-lived. World War II will forever change the lives of geishas. Under the advice of the Director General, she emigrated to the countryside, thus managing to escape bombing or deportation as a nurse or high-class prostitute for officers. Sayuri's luxurious life turns into a life of hardship,

 but she eventually reunites with the disgraced industrialist Nobu, whom she carries in her pockets of blackened stones, the last remnant of her thriving industries. . . . . Nobu invites Sayuri to return to Gion to help him and the general manager: an American officer, Colonel Derricks, who could finance the rebuilding of the destroyed companies.

Sayuri accepts and, back home, makes up for the kimono. She also meets Pumpkin, now Americanized and reduced to the role of a prostitute for US officers. On an island, Nobu finally confesses to Sayuri that he would like to become her mother. Despite everything, Sayuri still has feelings of love for the CEO and orchestrates a staging to make himself undesirable in Nobu's eyes. She then asks Zucca to take Nobu to a specific place at a set time:

this to allow him to surprise Sayuri and Colonel Derricks engaged in intimate attitudes. Pumpkin will lead to attend the meeting that the general manager. When the industrialist Nobu learns of the story, he will never want to see Sayuri again.

Subsequently, without any name being mentioned, a note arrives at the Nitta okiya stating that a danna has decided to choose Sayuri and to redeem her entire debt, making an appointment in a gazebo of a riverside park. Sayuri, on the way to the meeting, finds the beloved CEO. The latter reveals his feelings of love for her towards her, revealing that from the beginning he recognized her as the child for whom he had bought an ice cone and that he himself had asked Mameha. . . her to take him under her. she her her wing her her protector. her.

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