Check out my The Host book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.The Host (괴물?, Gwoemul) is a 2006 film directed by Bong Joon-ho.

The Host book

The Host book summary

South Korea, 2000. In a morgue, an American pathologist orders his Korean assistant to throw the contents of over 200 bottles of formaldehyde into the sink, deeming them obsolete and unusable. Reluctantly, the assistant carries out the orders and hundreds of liters of formaldehyde end up in the Han River.

Years later some curious passersby notice a strange amphibious creature inside the river. Immediately after the sighting, chaos erupts: the creature, of considerable size,

comes out of the water and attacks passers-by, and then disappears into the river, leaving behind a trail of victims. The news quickly reached Korea and a state of alert was immediately declared, with the army moving to the city to monitor the situation.

The state of health of an injured man after having been in direct contact with the monster suggests that he is the carrier of a highly contagious and dangerous virus; all survivors of the attack are then removed and isolated from the rest of the population,

 pending further analysis and to avoid contagion. Among them is the Park family: the father Hie-bong and the three adult sons Nam-il, Nam-joo and Gang-du, massacred for having lost the hand of their daughter Hyun-seo, then dragged away by the monster.

But Gang-du, a never-grown slacker who helps his father run a kiosk by the river, receives a short phone call from her daughter, already officially given up for dead. Despite the little consideration he has always enjoyed,

the man manages to convince family members that she Hyun-seo is alive and waiting to be rescued in a sewer. Escaped from quarantine and deceived by the army that presided over it, the Park family sets out in search of the child, who is in fact trapped in a shelter where the monster accumulates the victims of his raids.

During the search, the creature kills Gang-du's father and the latter is captured by the military and taken to a makeshift infirmary, where he is subjected to all sorts of tests.

To save him, momentarily, is an American doctor, who seems to be compassionate towards Gang-du and his story, but who then, relying on an aide, reveals that there is no virus and orders to take a sample of the brain of the ' hero. . . After the procedure, taking advantage of a moment of distraction, Gang-du takes a nurse hostage and runs away.

Meanwhile, a child, alone in the world, is thrown by the monster into the open sewer where Hyun-seo is also trapped. The girl takes care of the child and in the meantime she devises an escape route, using the clothes of the dead victims present there. The brave plan fails and both are swallowed by the creature. Meanwhile, Gang-du's brothers head under the town's main bridge,

 after tracing Hyun-seo's location through a friend of Nam-il based on the phone call he made about her. The three brothers then reunite and together they hunt and kill the creature, with the decisive contribution of Nam-joo, archery champion. Gang-du manages to extract the bodies of the two young men, unfortunately discovering that Hyun-seo is dead.

Later, a more mature Gang-du dines with the surviving child, inside their kiosk, while he absently listens to a newscast about the events.

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