Check out my The Time Traveler's Wife book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.“The wife of the traveler Briata (English wife in time) is a fantastic film by Robert Schwenke, the adaptation of the novel with the same name Audrey Niffenegger. The main roles in the film are performed by Eric Ban and Rachel Macadams.

Filming began in September 2007, while it was planned that the film will be released in the fall of 2008. However, the release of the film was postponed without any official explanation of the studio . The world premiere of the film took place on August 14, 2009, and the premiere in Russia took place on October 15, 2009. Published on DVD - February 16, 2010.

The Time Traveler's Wife book


In early August 2018, it was announced that he had begun work on the series in the book, which was created by Stephen Moffat.

The Time Traveler's Wife book summary 

This is the story of the Chicago librarian Henry Detemble (Eric Bana) and his wife Claire Ebshire (Rachel Macadams), an artist creating a sculpture of paper. Henry is sick with a rare genetic disease - chrono -adhesiveness, which makes him involuntarily travel in time. When the 20-year-old Claire meets 28-year-old Henry in the Newberry library in 1991, he had never seen her before, although she knew most of her life.

Henry's travels in time begin at the age of 5, which saved him from death in a car accident. Usually he moves forward and back in relation to his own life. It does not depend on him where, when and how much he disappears. His destination is associated with his subconscious, most often he enters the places and time associated with his own history.

Often travels are caused by some stress. Henry cannot take anything with him in the past or future, he looks naked and is forced to look for clothes and food. He acquires a number of survival skills, such as hacker castles, self -equipment and theft of pockets. He studies a lot with the oldest.

As soon as their lines of life converge in real time in the library - their first meeting in his chronology - and Henry begins to travel in childhood and youth to Claire in Michigan, in early 1977, when Claire is 6 years old. In one of his first visits (from her point of view), Henry gives her a list of dates of her appearance,

Claire writes them in his diary and always remembers that he needs to bring clothes and food. Over time, their relationship becomes very close. During the last visit of Henry to youth, Claire in 1989, when she was 18 years old, Henry kissed her for the first time. After that, she did not see him two years before meeting in the library.

Claire and Henry got married, and young Henry suddenly disappears from the ceremony, and instead 40-year-old Henry appears. Soon, the joy of the spouses is overshadowed by the appearance of Henry from the future, which is mortally wounded by firearms. Using one of the forecasts of Claire,

Henry finds the genetics of David Kendrick (Stephen Tobolovsky), who becomes the attending physician of Henry and examines his illness. With the creation of children, spouses have problems: Kendrick suggests that the genetic anomaly in the inheritance receives the fetus, and he also travels,

which ends with miscarriages in the Claire. After several miscarriages, Henry, who wants to prevent the future pain of Claire, will secretly become a vasectomy. But as soon as Henry came to the Claire from the past (years) and after the night of love for him, Claire will become pregnant again. But this time everything ends well:

 they have a daughter Alba (Hely McCann), who also has the same genetic deviation, but, unlike Henry, has some control over it. Shortly before her birth, Henry falls into the future and meets 10-year-old Alba on excursions at school and finds out that he will die when she will be five years old.

At 43, his last year in his life, Henry makes a trip in winter and begins to pursue him. He rises to transport the cargo train, but he is locked, and he is very freezing. From sophistication and frostbite, he undergoes an operation on his leg when he returns to the present, and as a result he must sit in a wheelchair for several months.

Henry and Claire both know that, not having the opportunity to move normally during his travels, he will die in the nearest of them. As a result, this happens: on the eve of the new 2006, Henry enters the 1984 Winter Michigan Forest, and Father Claire accidentally shoots him (he is aimed at a deer, but missed). Henry returns to the present and dies in the hands of Claire and Alba.

But 4 years later, Henry from the past appears in the life of Claire. Henry finds clothes in the same place as before, in the Michigan forest, he first meets Alba, who plays with friends, Alba calls Claire, and when she comes, he tells Claire that he will not tell her that he will not come even less To come to him to come to him, she did not spend her whole life in anticipation. After that, he disappears again ...

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