Check out my Vampire Academy book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.Vampire Academy is a film directed by Mark Waters, based on the first book of the Richelle Mead series of the same name. The premiere in Russia took place on February 27, 2014.5.


Vampire Academy book

Vampire Academy book summary

In the USA, in the heart of Montana, there is an Academy where vampires learn the art of magic. Bloody vampire wars are going on in the world, and the Moroi race is opposed by a tribe of strigoi, vampires who have crossed the line of the law.

 Even the walls of the Academy are not very protective against dark forces. The young Moroi princess Vasilisa (Lissa) and Rosa, her friend and loyal dhampir guard, are convinced of this one day. Lissa and Rosa escaped from the Academy due to a warning from Sonya Karp, a teacher who became a strigoi (an evil vampire that kills people) without permission and who everyone thinks is crazy.

 At school, they cannot merge with their usual life due to bullying from classmates and the development of love relationships: Lissa fell in love with a classmate who does not correspond to her status, and Rosa fell in love with her mentor Dmitry, also a dhampir,

 who is much older than her. Meanwhile, ill-wishers throw dead animals to Lissa to learn about her power - a spirit that allows you to heal people and bring them back to life from the dead. It is revealed that Lissa brought Rose back.

 Lissa is kidnapped by Viktor Dashkov, it turns out that his daughter Natalya planted animal corpses on Lissa to reveal her power. Rose, seeing Lissa through their bonds of resurrection, rushes to Dimitri. Once in his room, she kisses him,

succumbing to the coercive necklace Victor gave her. At the last moment, once in their underwear, they stop. Dimitri was able to overcome the spell's power and they hurried after Lissa. During the fight, Lissa's power became public, Victor was locked in the Academy's cell. Rosa approaches him, but Natalia, who has turned into a strigoi, follows her. Only Dmitry's intervention saves the girl's life.

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