Check out my Water for Elephants book summary and review  that I created to help you understand the basics of this great book.Water for Elephants (titled: Water for Elephants in Some Latin American Countries), is a film by Francis Lawrence based on the acclaimed bestseller of the same name, written by Canadian Sara Gruen. It was released in the United States on April 22, 2011.

Water for Elephants book


Water for Elephants book summary

Charlie O'Brien, owner of Circus Vargas, meets an old man named Jacob Jankowski, who has become estranged from his group of elders. The two strike up a conversation and Jacob reveals that he had a career in the circus business and was present during one of the most infamous circus disasters of all time, equal in severity to the 1944 Hartford Circus fire and accident. Wallace.

Jankowski tells O'Brien his story, beginning in 1931 when he was a 23-year-old veterinary medicine student at Cornell University. During his final exam, he is informed that his parents died in a car accident. His father left huge debts and the bank was repossessing Jacob's house. Feeling that there is no point in going back to school and having no home to go to, he boards a passing train and meets a kind old man named Camel.

Jacob wakes up the next morning to find that he got on the Benzini brothers' circus train. He sees a beautiful young woman named Marlena Rosenbluth and meets August, the circus ringmaster, head animal trainer, and Marlena's husband. Jacob reveals that he studied veterinary medicine and August hires Jacob as a vet for the circus animals after Jacob tells August that Silver (a show horse) has laminitis.

August orders Jacob to fix Silver and keep it running as long as possible, but Jacob cannot bear to see Silver suffer and takes it upon himself to tell Marlena and shoots Silver. August is furious at Jacob's decision to sacrifice Silver against orders. To show Jacob who's boss, he threatens to throw him off the moving train, telling him that an animal's suffering is nothing compared to a man's, and that Jacob must carry out all of August's future orders if he is to keep his life. . . . . . . . the job.

Finally, August gets Rosie the elephant as Silver's replacement. He invites Jacob to his car for dinner and cocktails with him and Marlena. Jacob watches the married couple flirt and dance in front of him, but it becomes clear that their relationship is complicated because August is possessive, jealous, and rude to Marlena. Over the next few weeks, August becomes frustrated when Rosie seems untrainable. August is brutal with Rosie,

hitting her with a hook when she doesn't comply with her orders. After a brutal beating August gave Rosie when she ran away after running away from the event and dropping Marlena, Jacob realizes that the elephant only understands commands in Polish. After that, Rosie performs wonderfully and the circus enjoys a brief period of success.

While working together to train Rosie, Jacob and Marlena fall in love. After August discovers this, he cruelly mocks the two. Marlena finds out that August plans to kick Jacob off the train and they run away together, hiding out at a local hotel. Shortly after Marlena and Jacob make love, they are ambushed by August's henchmen, who drag Marlena away and beat up Jacob.

Jacob returns to the circus to find Marlena. Marlena tells Jacob that her friends Walter and Camel were thrown off the train and killed. Several circus employees grew tired of August's murderous cruelty and unleashed his revenge by opening all the animal cages as the tent filled with an audience enjoying Marlena and Rosie's performance.

Jacob tries to find Marlena in the chaos and August attacks him. When Marlena tries to stop August from punching Jacob, he directs her fury at her and strangles her, while one of August's henchmen punches Jacob. Wade and Grady, two of Jacob's best friends and one of the circus workers save Jacob and he sees Rosie hit August in the back of the head with an iron stake, killing him. As a result, Benzini Bros. is officially closed and no one is left in charge of freeing the animals.

Back in the present, Jacob explains to O'Brien in flashbacks that he went back to Cornell and finished his degree. He and Marlena took care of several horses and Rosie, landing jobs at Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Jacob worked as a veterinarian and she continued to perform with Rosie. They married, had children, and supported Rosie until her death. He took a job as a veterinarian at the Albany Zoo, and after more children and many happy years together, Marlena died.

O'Brien then asks Jacob to work as a ticket collector, to which Jacob agrees.

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